Interesting Facts About Poker 

Undoubtedly, poker is one of the most popular and interesting games in the world today on both land-based casinos and online casinos alike. It has been around for more than 200 years, but some interesting facts about poker may blow your mind.

Poker Originated From USA 

The birthplace of poker was America, especially New Orleans. This place is also the birth of jazz music and cocktails. It is not possible to track the exact location where the first hand of poker was played. According to history, it was played in the Louisiana area.

The Early Version of Poker Was Played With Just 20 Cards 

The poker we play right now is a full pack of 52 cards. Earlier it was played with just 20 cards, a deck, and four players. History says the 52 cards were first integrated into a game from the year 1843 onwards. The game back then was a little straightforward. Each player received the 5 cards, and the person who had the best hand would start the game.

A Tournament Of Poker Once Lasted Around Eight And A Half Years 

It is one of the most interesting of poker. The Bridge Cafe Theatre in Arizona was the place where poker once lasted nearly eight and a half years. The players were famous personalities and very aggressive in playing poker.

Poker Chips

In the early days, poker was played for golden chips. It was tough to standardize the same units for the land-based casinos. This is when gambling houses came with poker chips These chips are made by using ivory, clay, and wood. The poker chips could be exchanged with real money when a player wins the match.

The Poker First Tournament Broadcast

In 1973, the first poker tournament broadcasted on television across the globe. This tournament occurred in Las Vegas, and after the broadcasting, it uplifted the popularity of poker.

The Evolution Of Poker 

Earlier poker is only played at the land-based casinos. Thanks to technology, now people can play this game from their smartphones. Online casinos like evodomino have increased the popularity of poker and other games like blackjack, slots, and Texas Hold’em. People across the world can join any country tournament without any geo-restriction. The evolution we see in poker is remarkable.

The Poker Is Most Lucrative Sports In The World 

You think footballers, NBA players, and golf players make impressive money from their sports. But, it’s a half-truth, if you look at the top of the five biggest prizes awarded in super high roller tournaments, the sum of these awards totals up to $44,202,728, which makes poker the most lucrative game in the world by a good margin.

Final Say 

Poker is an interesting, engaging, and lucrative game. If you know its strategies, you can easily win this game. If you are a beginner and want to learn this game, then take advantage of sites like evodomino to play this game without using real money.

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