International shipments: selecting the ideal company is easy

Much is said about the logistics for sending products through the Post Office or by carriers. However, most of the time, the theme only addresses the shipment within the country, rarely mentioning international freight. However, it is also an important knowledge for anyone working in online sales. Is it possible to sell and ship products outside your country?

If you work with e-commerce and want to understand about this modality, stay tuned. Here, we will explain how international freight works.

What does international shipping mean?

As you can already imagine, international shipping is nothing more than sending a product outside your country. That is, instead of filling the recipient field with an address in the country, the sender must indicate an international address. With this, it is possible to ship products to practically every country in the world.

If you live abroad and want to ship products to your home, know that with a professional international freight shipping company it can often be cheaper to ship items home. What few people know is that Shiply works with this mode of shipping, even counting on a price and deadline calculator for shipping abroad. Of course, the cost for international shipping is more expensive than domestic shipping, but it can still be a good alternative for you.

What is the delivery time for couriers?

The deadline for this type of service is different from the deadline for domestic deliveries, and varies according to the shipping and destination address. Without a doubt, the price and deadline calculator can help you understand the expected time. It is worth knowing that a professional international freight shipment company has four ways of sending products abroad, allowing customers to choose the type that best suits their needs.

  • Premium: very fast delivery and very high price,
  • Express: fast delivery and high price,
  • Standard: normal delivery and intermediate price,
  • Cheap: normal delivery and low price.

How to know the value of international shipping?

The same categories mentioned above apply to the value of international shipping. When choosing to ship a product from the premium mode, the sender guarantees that the item will arrive very quickly at the customer’s address, but will have to bear a high shipping cost. At the same time, when deciding for economical shipping, the sender assumes a much lower cost, with the burden of the order taking a long time to be delivered.

It is also necessary to include in the shipping cost the additional services provided by the Post Office, such as storage fee, receipt notice and additional indemnity.


It should be noted that the recipient also has the alternative of contracting the service from other companies besides the Post Office. To find out if there is any advantage in this, the ideal is to make a budget between some of them and compare data such as value and delivery time.

Few people know, but there are many companies that work with international freight. They take everything from light envelopes with documents to boxes with larger objects. But of course for each weight and dimension, the shipping price changes.

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