Kitchen 101: Check everything about modular kitchens right here!

Kitchen is easily the most functional part of your home, and it deserves attention and investment. If you seek more than a basic space, modular kitchens may emerge as a good alternative. As the name suggests, a modular kitchen has modules, which can be used for storing all your essentials, including appliances. The key aspect is customization – Everything about the design is customized, to make the most of available space and offer what the client actually needs. In this post, we are discussing every aspect, right from modular kitchen cost to pros, cons and more.

The obvious advantages

Well, a modular kitchen relies on utility for design. Depending on what you seek from your kitchen, all the aspects can be designed, and it doesn’t have to be as expensive as many people believe. The concept is such that you can expect to make the most of available space, and every corner can be used in some way or the other. All the regular kitchen essentials don’t have to be in sight, which ensures a neat and chic finish. To add to that, many modular kitchens now have automated parts, special sectionals, extra cabinets and standalone units, so the entire area will look uber cool and stylish.

Homes with modular kitchens always fetch a better price in the market, and utility is one aspect that makes the concept worth paying for. It also allows homeowners to match the design with rest of the interiors. Not to forget, modular kitchens are easy to install, because most of the fabrication work is done in factory in advance.

On the flip side

Okay, modular kitchens can be expensive, given all the extra work involved, but apart from that, there are no disadvantages to talk about. However, considering the function and beauty of new-age designs, that extra money is worth paying.

What determines the price of modular kitchens?

The size and shape of your kitchen are two major aspects that affect the price. Large kitchens, especially the ones with an island, may need more work and modules, which add to the cost. Other components like the finish of the cabinets, the material used for backsplash and countertops and extra accessories may influence the final budget too. For instance, if you go for fancy polished granites or something like acrylic finish for the cabinets, you may spend a tad more. Accessories for modular kitchens, such as standalone units and corner solutions, can be expensive, but are worth giving a shot if you need more space to store things.

Getting the design and estimate right

There are many companies that offer modular kitchen design services, but finding the right one is critical. First things first, start by evaluating what you need for your home. As a client, your participation is necessary and required. Some homeowners prefer the idea of using ready designs, which again isn’t a bad idea when your requirements are met. The estimate will be offered once the final layout has been fixed, but expect to get a final price from the design company. They will also give a fair idea of the actual installation process and how long that may take.

Final word

Now that you know all that’s there about modular kitchens, check online for services and share your requirements to get free estimates.


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