Macaron boxes description:

Macarons is a sweet make up of icy sugar with food coloring. Its circular biscuit like shape makes its boxes unique in style.Macarons is a French sweet that is used on happy events as on weddings, birthday parties, family gatherings etc. Macarons are of many colors. The colorful macarons are used on the parties and they came in special types of boxes. There are many companies in the world who make macarons and use custom printed macarons boxes to separate their brand from other companies.There are multiple types of custom boxes used for macarons packaging.

Types of Materials used for custom boxes:

                                                                                    There are different types of materials used for making custom boxes. The Kraft paper is used for creation ofkraft boxes which are used to keep large number of macarons. Kraft boxes are eco-friendlythat means Kraft boxes will never harm the macarons while shipping and transportation.Other than this cardstock material is also used to make custom macaronboxes with your logo.

Cardstock material is lighter in weight and designed to lift 1LB. Cardstock custom boxes are used to sell a specific number of macarons.Like two macarons are packed in a custom cardstock boxso that the weight never exceeds from 1LB.

The paper packaging is also used to deliver macarons within a town. The paper packaging boxes are also lift small number of macarons, because it’s a paper and using a custom paper packaging and maybe itresults in ruining the product from inside. But no worries because custom paper packaging contain a non-sticky grease type substance that never let the product stick with paper bag. It results in delivering the macrons in fresh way.

E-flute corrugated is also a custom packaging type. Which is used for shipping the cartons of macarons or the material through which the macarons are created. The E-flute corrugated contain a set of cardboard layers with a zig-zag cardboard layer which is also called a flute type layer. Due to the flute layer, while shipping the products e-flute layer creates a flexibility which helps the products stay safe while shipping.

Custom boxes styles for Macarons:    

Macarons are kept in two-piece custom boxes. But it’s not compulsory that only two-piece boxes used for macarons.Usually, according to the circular shape of the macarons, custom two-piece boxes are the best options. Other than this, custom sleeve boxes are also used for macarons. Custom sleeve boxes give a satisfying look while slighting the box upward or downward.Custom sleeve boxes are also used while gifting to someone on special occasion such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc.

There is more than one style for gifting the macarons such as using of custom gable boxes. Gables boxes are specially designed for the gifting purpose.Custom gable boxes are made from cardstock material. Which means it can used to lift specific number of macarons.


Why makes the boxes fancy and fascinating?

                                                                                Making the custom printed macaron boxes so fascinating is a trick to sell the macarons in the market. Because the macarons have many colors with different tastes. That’s why making the custom boxes so fancy will enhance the ability of the macarons. The best way to make the custom printed macaron boxes look so fancy is to use addon’s.Now addon’s boost the custom packaging. Some of the addon’s are given below:

  1. Custom Window cut
  2. Foiling (custom coloring)
  3. Glossy and Matte finishing
  4. Spot UV (Shiny and Dull)
  5. Perforation
  6. Embossing and Debossing
  7. PVS

The custom window cut addon use on custom boxes to display the macarons laying inside the box. Which will give you the idea of the product that is laying inside the custom box.

The printing patterns used on these custom boxes are CMYK printing, PMS printing and no printing. The PMS printing gives you multiple shades of a same color. While CMYK printing used four color to make multiple colors with a single shade of each color.

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