How to avail new DTH connection?

If you are planning to enjoy television at home or are already doing so through your local cable TV operators, DTH will be a major upgrade at your home. For that, you would need to apply to a network service provider for a DTH new connection at your home. You will find plenty of such operators at your place and you can make a convenient choice. One of the best options for you is Airtel Digital TV. The company offers three different options – Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD) and Airtel XStream – the latest offering from the company.

Now, let us look at the steps to get a new connection to your place.

#1. Visit the website of your operator – Though there can be a physical approach where you can visit their offices to get a new connection, the best way would be to go online. You can get a new connection from the comfort of your couch. Once you open the website of the DTH service provider, you will need to browse for a while and look for the option of a DTH new connection. Chances are you will find the option directly on the menu bar. The websites are generally very easy to browse.

#2. Select the type of connection you would want – Once you find the option for a new DTH connection, you would be directed to a screen where you would be shown the different option on offer from the company. This is a good place to make a comparison between the offerings of different DTH service providers. Check out the monthly prices, the quality of service that is being offered and the initial installation charges that you would need to shell out. Airtel DTH offers SD, HD and Airtel XStream (earlier it was Internet TV).

#3. Select the plan that you would like to watch – Once you have selected the type of offering you want, you can view the plans. Here you can check out the channels that are being offered. Airtel DTH services offer a lot of regional content as well. You can view the prices of these plans that you would need to pay per month. Do not make a choice based on the number of channels. Check that the channels you want are being offered in the plan.

#4. Enter your details – Once you select a plan, you would need to offer some details so that the service provider can get in touch with you so that they can schedule the installation. The service provider would get in touch with you shortly and you can ask your queries and schedule the installation appropriately.

You can follow the same process if the operators have their apps. If you had been wondering how to get a DTH new connection, this is how easy it is. Now you can enjoy amazing content any time you would want.


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