Performing Annual Car Maintenance

Importance of Maintaining Your Car

When it comes to cars, it’s important to ensure they are well maintained and you should be carrying out both regular and annual maintenance to keep it on the road and running smoothly throughout the year. There’s literally nothing worse than suffering a breakdown on the middle of the motorway or being left without a car for weeks because it’s in the garage for a repair.

Our blog aims to cover five easy and important ways you can maintain your car on a yearly basis. Whilst people might find maintenance tedious to carry out, dealing with problems whilst they are small can help to prevent issues becoming much larger and more expensive.

Easy 5 Step Car Maintenance

1. Suspension

There are probably times when your suspension is pushed to its maximum limits and you don’t even know it. Do you know what the maximum capacity of your vehicle is? On a yearly basis having your suspension checked and parts such as car leaf springs can help to ensure there are no major issues with it.

2. Liquid Levels

Checking your fluid and liquid levels such as the oil, brake fluid, windscreen wash is very easy to do and it could actually help to prevent issues occurring with things such as the oil tank or your brakes. Some fluids will need topping up regularly, whereas things such as oil should be checked and changed yearly.

3. Cleaning

Whilst it might seem like a miniscule thing, cleaning is essential for any car both inside and outside. Keeping your car clean can help to prevent parts deteriorating or rusting, meaning your car will last much longer and is less likely to need replacement parts. However, cleaning both the inside and outside of your car regularly and a deep clean or valet once a year can help your car to maintain its value as well.

4. Alloy Refurbishment

It’s so easy to damage your alloys, whether it’s pulling up at the side of a road, making a u-turn or entering a car parking space. One quick ding and before you know it your alloys are scratched or chips. If you leave the damage to your alloys and never care for them then it will only get worse over time. Ensuring they are kept clean and having alloy wheel refurbishment carried out, will help to keep them looking like new right up until you part ways with your car.

5. Professional Servicing

As with any type of vehicle, be it a car, van or something else, it’s always advised to have a professional service carried out. Whilst it is advised to use your main dealer, car servicing can be carried out by any professional garage. Annual car services are designed to ensure your car is safe to use and identify any small issues that might need resolving. Car services will help to not only ensure your vehicle stays on the road, but that it passes its next MOT as well.

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