Selfie Frames: Instagram & Facebook Photo Boards

Selfies!!! what a crazy word and what a crazy trend!!! People have been found always busy taking selfies with things they like , love or do. The reason behind taking it is to then further post it over the social media handles like face book, Twitter and instagram etc.  people have been like crazier on the party pics tobe posted and tagged in always.

Well if these things are so much in trend, then what the party look?? do you know according to the trends, we have lot many options for you to bring in some more fun in the props you keep in party so that the party becomes more happening place and enjoyable for every age group. Well yes you heard it true, we shall talk about different type of parties as well as the party decoration and the props related to the same. Hope we would be able to share much more details isn’t it!!

For every occasion, we have a party to through up and have all our close friends, relatives and office co-workers invited as well. Parties can be categorized in like Birthday parties, wedding anniversary Party, dinner party or you say it as Get-together parties, kitty parties, farewell parties, promotion parties and a lot. May be we just need a single reason to celebrate. Well gone are the days when you were suppose to decorate only with the ballons and expensive other crafting material to decorate the house for the party. Things change as the trend changes.

Nowadays having different theme based parties are much more preferred. Retro theme, dark n light, blue theme, Hollywood, bachelors collage days theme and a lot. Its been in trends to have party props hanging across the party area, where people make their memories by clicking group, couple or solo pictures and posting them across to their social media sights.  Having a facy table decore, candles around , flower decoration, paper craft hangings and decoration selfie frames and a lot has come.

The latest in trend in here is something interesting. We are Foamex printers have this new prop style printed at our work station. We pring the instagram window and face book window looked cutouts to use for the selfie purposes. These are made of the foamex sheets and have got them printed with density of colour ink and all, its been the superb things these days. These foamex sheets are actually Idea for parties now with several reasons.

  • Its made our of plastic and is re-cyclable
  • It has got excellent print over it.
  • The foamex board can me cut in the shape and size we want.
  • These kinds of photo frame look , or instagram of facebook look has been arrived
  • It looks cool when you have a frame section in your party, where people click pictures
  • These displays are good, durable, waterproof and all. Since it’s a light weight thing our guests can hold it in hands and click their own pictures in a frame again.

We have excellent printing options on making of such foamex based boards. With 3 mm sheet you can create a display setting which can be kept in house, like in our bedroom, kids room, hall, and others.  Likewise for outdoor parties, and office campaign or orders we have the 5 mm display sheet.

Talking about this new trend, people have been crazy over making such frames for their home as well.  We at first printing have made sure to suggest these unique foamex digital printing options to our prospected clients.  3mm foamex sheets for indoor and 5mm foamex sheets for outdoor or office premises or campus purpose is a great and best option to have quality devices with cost effectiveness.

  • One can use the foamex sheets for decoration purpose as well.
  • The decoration has been making it mark across where we have more potential business.
  • Making such selfie frame or instagram frame style boards are made both in 3 mm and 5 mm sheets with digital printing over the same.
  • Making a mirror or dressing table effect can also be made for kids room

For more enquiries on the foamex selfie board or any other please call us on 443322112234 or reach out to us.

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