Similarities and differences between microdermabrasion and silk peel

It often happens that a new treatment takes place with the older ones. This is the time when the comparison is required. Thus, here we are going to see how microdermabrasion varies from silk peel. Below are facts based on which you can decide which one is perfect for you.

The difference in the duration of the process

It is known that the standard time taken for microdermabrasion is not more than thirty minutes. It has low complexity which is the reason why the timeframe is short.

But in the case of silk peel, the time required is more as it involves topical solutions added up in the treatment.

Cost of the treatment

Although there are different prices in different locations and as per the expertise, still microdermabrasion is cheap in comparison to silk peel. It is found that silk peel costs $200 on an average whereas microdermabrasion is priced at $175. Still, people find both the treatment cost-effective. This is because other surgical treatments are a bit costly.

The difference in the whole process

In both, the process, dead or damaged cells are removed. Thus, the patient gets healthy skin. However, the basic difference is the method followed. Microdermabrasion mostly involves the exfoliation part. There is an additional step in silk peel wherein solutions are applied to the area where treatment is done. According to the patient’s requirement, the solution is used. Hence, both these treatments follow a general technique with an additional step in silk peel.

Both methods help in removing the acne or damaged spots.  However, in microdermabrasion doctor uses the harsh technique to remove the skin particles. Coming to silk peel, the doctor uses a vacuum technique that gives a pleasant experience to patients.

The risk involved in the treatments

It has been seen that rather than the skin, beauty matters most for the people. However, the protective layer skin is essential which needs proper care.

When people opt for silk peel or microdermabrasion, they may find risks of similar nature. If microdermabrasion is done along with retinoids treatment, side-effects are more. But they are very mild ones. To make you understand, retinoids are mainly to treat skin damaged due to the sun or wrinkles.  In the case of silk peel, the process is the same and so the risk factor is also similar.

What discomfort the patient may feel?

There is less chance of any discomfort or pain to the patient in both the treatments. This is because at the microscopic level the process is performed. It means the dead skin cells are only targeted and thus, these are not prone to any discomfort. Still patient may feel some movement is taking place. But, the only benefit of skin peel is that it helps in soothing the skin using the topical compound.

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