Stained Timber Flooring – What Are They?

There are many different types of floorings available on the market. Each type of timber has its own set of properties. Along with that, timber also has some natural scars and blemishes, which add to the natural beauty of the wood. Some timber wood resembles pine, some others are dark in their appearance. Since they are natural, no two timbers are the same.

There is increasing popularity of timber floor sanding and polishing in Gold Coast. This is because of the reason that timber is elegant in appearance and long-lasting in its life. It also adds to the value of real estate. On an average, those houses, which have timber flooring are sold at a higher price as compared to others.

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Step by step procedure for staining

Staining is the process of changing the colour of the timber. There are mainly two ways of changing the colour:

1-    One of the ways of changing the colour is to apply a varnish stain. This is one of the easiest ways of doing the task. However, there is a catch. The varnish stains do not penetrate the inside of the timber i.e., they are adsorbed on the surface of the flooring. This means that rather than enhancing the natural variations, this will disguise them.

2-    The next method is to apply a stain first and a clear sealer later. This method is usually longer lasting than the previous one. Besides that, it is preferred because it leaves a relatively elegant look on the flooring.

No matter whichever method you choose, the initial step will always be to sand the floor with the use of a floor sander. There are professional sanders in the market which make the task look very easy. It is a relatively complicated process and thus, if you are an amateur, you are more likely to be a bull in the China shop. You should leave the task to the experts.

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