Telugu movies always have a sufficient good dose of entertainment. Our films have drama, action, comedy, and thrill in abundance. There are so many films made on friends. Friendship has been an appealing topic for Telugu movies for a long time now. Friends are essential in everyone’s life and bring happiness to our life. We need friends to support us in every possible way, especially in maintaining emotional balance. Friends make our experience a joyful one and mostly affects our emotional wellbeing and bliss. Our friends relieve our pressure, give solace and happiness, and prevent depression and detachment. 

Below are some best Telugu movies on friendship, and this reason is enough to watch these best Telugu movies with your friends in aha ott.

NEE SNEHAM: This is one of the best Telugu movies made on friendship. Uday Kiran and Aarti Agarwal played essential roles in this film. Directed by Paruchuri Murali, Nee Sneham is a feel-good movie. As far as the story is concerned, In an attempt to save his friend Madhav, Seenu loses his leg in an accident. Madhav finds indebted to Seenu to a point where he is ready to sacrifice anything and everything, including the love of his life, Amrutha. 

ANUKUNNADI OKATI AYINADI OKATI: Four unapologetically strong-willed women hailing from different worlds decide to reconnect with each other on a road trip to Goa for a friend’s wedding. But will their friendship stick when a fun night meant to let loose goes wrong, and all of them end up in deep trouble?

ARYA 2: Sukumar directs the sequel to the super hit film Arya and Allu Arjun played the lead role. Navdeep plays Ajay, Arya’s best friend. This film has received a positive response and redefined friendship. Arya sacrifices anything for his friend Ajay and trouble comes knocking when both of them love the same girl.

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