The Dangers of Removing a Baby’s Loose Tooth

It is adorable and a little bit nostalgic to see videos of parents using the Door Slam technique to pull out their child’s loose tooth. A Bristol, Connecticut dentist can now avoid using doors and other painful procedures by just extracting teeth with their own hands. In fact, removing a child’s baby teeth might be detrimental to their oral health.

Problems Associated with Extracting Baby Teeth

  • Infant teeth will inevitably fall out.

The first and most important reason you should not pull a baby tooth is that these teeth are designed to fall out independently. Chewing food is one of the ways that evolution has made it possible for children to lose their primary teeth in an essentially painless manner. 

  • You risk hurting the roots.

Even if a tooth seems loose, that does not always imply it is about to fall out. Adult teeth do, in fact, loosen baby teeth by pushing them out of the gums. However, the progression from a loose tooth to an actual tooth loss is not always linear. Pulling a tooth at the first sign of a wiggle may be a false alarm. Tooth fragments that slip below the gum line can cause further complications if they are not removed.

  • Problems with permanent teeth and jaw alignment may be an outcome.

Removing a baby tooth before it is ready can cause long-term issues in the jaw and arriving teeth, even if no harm is done to the root and no fragments of teeth are left behind. The primary function of primary teeth is to preserve space in the jaw for the eventual eruption of permanent teeth. The adult tooth cannot occupy the space left by the baby tooth if the baby tooth is extracted before the adult tooth comes out. Crowding of the teeth and an improperly aligned bite might result from this.

  • Your kid may develop dental phobia as a result.

Even though a tooth extraction that is unpleasant or unsuccessful might not be considered a medical emergency in the same way that broken roots are, it nevertheless has the potential to give your child anxiety and resistance to future dental inspections. As was mentioned earlier, a great method to calm the nerves of your children about going to the dentist is to demonstrate to them how positive the experience can be. It is not a good idea to try to remove a tooth before it is ready or without the assistance of a dentist because this can lead to complications. 

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