Your Simple Options for the Taxpayers

All taxpayers must declare their income by having their bank details near them. Taxpayers must enter their bank account statement (RIB) when declaring their income, whether in paper format or in the online declaration, if the tax administration is not already aware of it or after a change of bank.

How to declare your RIB or the modification of inaccurate bank details:

In the event of an online declaration, bank details are requested at the end of the online declaration, just before electronically signing the tax return.

If automatic reporting , the IRS directs taxpayers to the levy change management tool to source for they signal a change of bank details if it is the only change to report. Using the best alternative to turbotax is important there.

The tax authorities use these bank details:

To return the sums due to taxpayers, for example for the reimbursement of a tax credit or an overpayment

To make withdrawals as a deposit for income without a third-party tax collector, directly from the taxpayer’s bank account in certain situations (non-salaried income, property income for example) as part of the implementation of the levy to the source.

Log in for the online declaration

Find your tax number

All taxpayers who have already declared their income online on the tax website have necessarily had to create a password in order to access their personal space the following times. The time has come to reconnect to this space, but the problem is: what is my tax number already? Indeed, the latter serves as an identifier to connect to his personal space.

Thus, when declaring your income online, you must ensure that you have on hand your previous income tax return, otherwise the one made in 2020, or your last notice of income tax or local taxes (local tax). Housing or property tax).

And also his password

Same fight: you need the password you generated to access your personal space on But impossible to remember. Apart from rewinding in your memory, perhaps you noted it down on a piece of paper which you then put away carefully? If this is not the case, you must generate a new one in advance in order to have all the information necessary on the D-day to declare your income online. To renew your password, go to the “Your private area” page and click on the link “You forgot your password”.

Declaration for the first time

Online access number

In the event of an online declaration made for the first time on the interface of the tax administration, you must have on hand your online access number and your reference tax income (RFR) in addition to the tax number.

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