10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO In 2020


Search Engine Optimization hacks have become indispensable in this digital marketing age. Every business is in a race to rank first in search engines. Higher rankings mean increased visibility that generates quality leads and better revenue. With over 3.5 billion searches on Google daily, the opportunities to reach out to more customers are endless.

Here are ten benefits of investing in SEO:

1.SEO Builds The Brand Image

Every business, large or small, is in a fierce fight for more traffic, credibility, and consumer trust. A seo optimization company can help enterprises rank higher in search engines, increasing brand awareness. The marketing teams can align the keywords to the brand message, thus appealing to the target audience.

  1. SEO Offers Better Quality Traffic

Better visibility in search engine result pages results in increased traffic to a website. A study by Brightedge shows that organic search drives 51% of the total website traffic, with paid advertisements contributing 10%. Top positions receive the largest share of impressions and clicks on the search engines.

  1. SEO Provides Impressive ROI

Search engine optimization offers better returns on investment than other marketing strategies if implemented correctly. 50% of consumers search for local businesses on their mobile devices before walking into a store.

  1. SEO Optimized Websites Have Improved User Experience

Search engines continually update their algorithms to fit consumer search intent. User experience today points to better usability contributed by an intuitive interface, mobile-friendliness, and faster page load speeds. Better user experience is an integral part of any lead generation strategy.

  1. SEO Builds Trust And Credibility

Consumer rely on search engine rankings as a measure of brand worthiness and authority. 85% of consumers search and compare product information before making a purchase. Quality, optimized content instills confidence in the target audience, thus improving primary leads.

  1. SEO Fuels Data-Driven Decision Making

The beauty of search engine optimization is the fact that virtually all metrics are traceable and quantifiable. A seo optimization company can generate analytics data that provides valuable information on consumer behavior and patterns. The marketing team can make informed decisions on their marketing strategies.

  1. SEO Helps Businesses Stay Ahead Of The Competition

The race to the top of search results pages is quite tight. The first three organic results on the first result page receive 70% of the total clicks and impressions. Ranking lower than the competitors means the business loses vital traffic to the rivals. Stay ahead of the curve by refining the SEO strategy.

  1. SEO Offers Long-Lasting Results

An investment in SEO is a vote of confidence for the future of the business. Proper SEO implementation is a long-term plan that generates leads and conversions for years to come. Establishing credibility and trust takes time, effort, and patience, but it pays off in the long run.

  1. SEO Is Cost-Effective

SEO hacks are a cheaper option to search engine marketing that utilizes paid advertisement. The inbound nature of SEO strategies allows businesses to save more on their marketing front. Besides, SEO leaves an impact for years, with PPC ads targeting shorter periods.

  1. SEO Complements Other Marketing Strategies

Marketing teams can blend search engine optimization to other strategies for maximum leads and conversions. Research shows that combining SEO hacks with paid advertisements can increase traffic to a website by 50%. Marketers can create a solid marketing plan by integrating SEO with other strategies.


Search visibility is a vital aspect of search engine optimization. Investing in SEO tools and hacks may help businesses increase their outreach as well as increase their conversion rates. Hiring a seo optimization company may align the firm as an authority in the industry through its SEO services.


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