4 Effective Employee Training Tips For Newer POS Software

There are various reasons why retailers nowadays are switching to POS systems. Today’s POS system in Singapore and the market can achieve far more capability and efficiency to deliver a satisfactory experience for customers in-store and even online purchasing. There’s no reason today, even for SMEs and startups, not to upgrade or invest in point-of-sale systems to simplify their customer’s checkout process. Not to mention that the latest POS system also empowers retailers in creative incentive programs.

However, making a switch or transition is not the easiest thing to pull off for many businesses. Upgrading to a newer system requires comprehensive staff training for a successful transition for retailers. Without further ado, here are some tips to ensure a smoother POS system transition:

Invest In Hands-On Training

Investing in new POS or electronic cash register systems requires proper hands-on training. There are various training videos and resources one can find online showing demonstrations of operating POS systems. Nevertheless, hands-on training proves to be a far more effective measure to acquire knowledge and experience for employees to learn proper operation. Hands-on training provides experience, which helps to retain information longer.

Conduct Real Transactions

Completing real transactions with various purchase forms and processing refunds with the new POS systems is an effective training method. Such training allows the employees to have the time to practise their skills and test the capability of POS software and its features in granting solutions to common transaction issues. Running several series of tests will help employees retain process and gain better confidence to resolve eventual issues in the future.

Evaluate Training Performance

Supervisors must conduct evaluations after the test/training to assess employee performance in operating a POS system. A careful evaluation lets you identify areas where further training is needed and determine the level of effectiveness of training. It also helps you screen the best fit of roles and choose the ideal staff to handle the operation. Thus if you want to enhance your future or upcoming training program for a better transition, consider having a training evaluation.

Ask & Compile Feedback

It’s also vital for the management to ask for feedback (from employees) regarding the new POS software/system and the training. It helps managers to ascertain the potential problems with the system and what can hamper the training from achieving a goal. It also equips them with an insight into innovating further to maximise POS system usage.

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