4 Steps to Choosing Daily Contact Lenses from Singapore

Contact lenses are convenient and great to use alongside glasses or to replace them entirely. However, so many kinds of lenses are available that if you want to start wearing them, you’ll need to narrow down the perfect type.

Here are four factors you need to consider when looking for the ideal daily contact lenses from Singapore.

1. Purpose

Contact lenses can correct different issues, or they could purely be for aesthetics. When choosing the type of lenses you need, you’ll need to consider your prescription. Are you far-sighted or near-sighted? Do you have astigmatism? Would you like to correct your vision using an ortho K lens from Singapore? These questions are the first thing to answer when looking for lenses.

2. Usage Frequency

How often do you want to use your contact lenses? If you’re using them alongside your glasses, you’ll only need to wear them on certain days. If you plan to replace them entirely, daily contact lenses from Singapore suit you best. Also, consider how often you can maintain your contact lenses. Weekly or monthly lenses need contact solutions, but you can throw out daily lenses after one use. By figuring out how often you plan on using your lenses, you’ll see if you need lenses that need to be replaced monthly, weekly, or daily.

3. Appearance

Many people use contact lenses for aesthetic purposes, too, even when they use them for vision correction. You can get a coloured contact lens from Singapore and try out any eye colour you want. If you have the budget, you can also buy sets of different colours and change them out every so often. You can also customise your contact lenses, just like choosing the perfect glasses frame for your eyeglasses.

4. Budget

Finally, remember your budget when searching for the perfect contact lenses. Now that you know what specific lenses you want, you can ask around optical shops for their contact lens price list in Singapore. You can write these shops and their prices on a list, so you remember them. From there, you’ll be able to find the ideal contact lenses that address your needs.

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