#5 Best Wedding Food Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

Are you getting hitched anytime soon? You must be then looking forward to having a wedding of your dreams. Post selection of the wedding venue what comes next on the list is wedding catering. The wedding catering is an indispensable part of the wedding. The guests might forget the grandeur of the wedding but the taste of the delectable cuisines that they had at the wedding continues to linger on their taste buds. The food is what leaves an everlasting impression on the guests.

Tired of the same old traditional catering styles? Looking for innovation that would spice up your wedding celebrations? Why not opt for curated healthy wedding menu instead of the traditional menu?  In the times when people are conscious about their figure and diets why not surprise them by serving food that are low on the calorie intake. At a wedding you have guests with different tastes and liking and amongst them are those diet conscious people. For your special day you must have booked the best wedding caterers in Ludhiana, Pune, Mumbai or wherever you plan to get hitched. So here are some of the best healthy wedding menu ideas that are worth giving a try.

Customizable desserts

The people on a diet refrain themselves from in taking sugar as they are high on carbs. So instead of having all the sugary delights why not customizable desserts have counters. The customizable dessert counters gives the guests the ability to make their own food with their favorite topping. You can consider having waffle stations, ice cream bars and even sweet dessert pizza at the food stations.

Food stations

Guests mourning about too much oil or spices in the food is the last thing you would want to happen. Avoid this glitch by setting up food stations at the wedding. The food stations enable the guests to make their own food with the choicest of ingredients that they desire. You can have sushi making, pizaa stations, work stations to even noodle bars at the wedding.

Smoothie bowls

Who doesn’t love smoothies? Give your guests a sweet treat as you have smoothie bowls at your wedding. The smoothie bowls loaded with the goodness of yogurt, milk and topped with fresh fruits makes it a perfect treat for the guests. The filling smoothie bowls topped with seasonal fruits can make your guests to drool over it.

Beverage stations

As much as the food matters at a wedding the beverages are also of equal importance. To compliment the gastronomic delights you need to have something and beverages serve as the best choice. Instead of having the regular beverages why not have a beverage counter where the guests can whip up their own cocktails with the choicest of ingredients. The beverage stations enable the guests to make their own healthy cocktails. At your wedding you can have smoothie beverage stations, juice beverage stations, hot chocolate beverage stations, fancy coffee and tea stations.

Acai Bowl stations

Health and wellness is the first thing that crosses a guests mind when it comes to attending a wedding. Off late Acai bowls have gained on much popularity. Consider having them at your wedding. A acai bowl loaded with granola, fruits and sweets is the perfect accompaniment to a smoothie bowl. The smoothie bowls are the perfect dessert options for he health conscious people. The re-energizing ability of the acai bowls makes it so popular.

So these are a few healthy food options that you can consider having at your wedding. Which is your favourite option? Share with us about your views and opinions in the comments below.


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