Preparations for the Groom on Wedding Photography Day

Shooting the lucky man appears to fall into two classes. Possibly I don’t get the opportunity to be with the groom to be until he shows up at the congregation/function room, or I’m fluttering between the lady of the hour and the lucky man since they’re in a similar area preparing. So I’ll treat these as two separate approaches, despite the fact that the guideline is the same: what’s the story and how can I capture it in the most ideal manner?


It’s advisable to arrange a time when going out to find the groom and his party so they realize when to expect me. This is significant in light of the fact that I need to prepare the tale of getting as it occurs and not need to re-stage it (which I wouldn’t do in any case). I am more likely than not have been with the lady of the hour first, so I organize a period that permits the man of the hour’s gathering a lot of time to change and get to the setting/church, in this manner permitting me to return to the lady of the hour for the getting into the dress shots. 

The way to deal with shooting the folks is fundamentally equivalent to the lady of the hour: be loose, allowed the story to story, know where the best light is, and tenderly move individuals to it if important. There are sure minutes I’m searching for that I realize will recount to the story outwardly, and it relies upon what has needed to happen before I arrive with regards to what number of I can catch. I can’t be in two places on the double.

Ideally, this is what I would like to experience:

Shaving/post shower toweling

Other groomsmen arriving

Suits hanging up

Shoe polishing

Getting suited and booted

Cufflinks and watches


Rings being handed over or checked

Any of the usual macho male bonding rituals—unlike with bride’s friends, the groomsmen see it as their job to undermine the confidence of the groom at every opportunity.

For the most part, men get changed quickly so you must be on your toes. There is no taking as much time as is needed and relishing the custom that you find with the lady of the hour. Getting into the suit is essential for getting to the bar/church/setting as quickly as time permits so the day can start. For me, similar picture rules apply yet you may need to shoot quickly. I’m searching for wide building up shots to give us the specific situation/setting, medium shots to show connections and feeling, in addition to loads of detail shots to show us the customs of the ‘uniform’ wearing. 

When everybody is prepared it’s pleasant, if time permits, to invest some energy simply softening away from plain sight and catching the collaboration between the gatherings of companions as they get ready to leave. They’re the sharpest they will be throughout the day, loaded up with the expectation of what will occur and surely playing on the lucky man’s anxiety. This time is a chance to make some intrigue, fun, and once in a while contacting pictures of the man of the hour’s gathering interfacing among themselves. The remainder of the day they will be with others and have obligations to perform.


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