5 Tips to Stay Within Landed Home Renovation Budget in Singapore

Time is gold for many companies. It means there is no room for office renovation delays in Singapore. But renovations do last weeks, sometimes months, depending on the project. For instance, a simple refreshing of interior design may take several weeks to complete. Meanwhile, remodelling that requires tearing down walls, counters, and floors may take months. Renovation is indeed time-consuming, but it can consume more and more of your time if it is delayed.

Here are some tips on how to prevent office renovation delays in Singapore:

1. Prepare ample lead times for orders.

Expect materials, such as tiles, wood planks, plants for landscaping, glass, and natural stone for countertops, to arrive a little bit later than expected. It is because some materials, especially rare ones, are hard to find. Sometimes, the stock arrives late to shops, causing delayed delivery to your project.

The key is to give your supplier ample lead time when ordering so you can ensure the materials arrive early or on time when your builders in Singapore exactly need them.

2. Obtain permits early.

Your design and build company in Singapore will not kickstart your project until you complete all the necessary permits for the project. Applying for permits may take months as the government needs to check your plans thoroughly before giving their approval. Securing all permits ahead assures you can start your renovation on time.

3. Predict weather conditions.

Although you cannot really predict exact weather conditions for the next months, you still have the idea of which months receive more rain or sun. It is ideal to schedule your project during the summer.

Storms and rain can delay your renovation project, especially if it includes landscaping. Moreover, fixing roofs and painting walls is not ideal during the wet season. What you can do during rainy days is commercial interior design in Singapore.

4. Organise your contractor’s schedule.

Organising your contractor’s schedule is one of the most challenging parts of managing an office renovation. For example, if your tiles have not arrived yet because you failed to give your supplier ample lead time, your contractors will be idle while waiting for the tiles to arrive. Not only does it waste your time, but it also wastes your money by paying your contractor for doing nothing.

If you apply these tips, you can prevent the office renovation delay in Singapore.

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