Do You Need an Open Rhinoplasty or a Closed One?

There are many reasons why you may choose to go for rhinoplasty in London – maybe you would like to make your nose smaller, or get the lumps and bumps removed, or even try to add definition to the tip of your nose. Just as other cosmetic procedures like liposuction in London can help in enhancing your physical appearance. In a similar manner rhinoplasty, can help you in changing the appearance of your nose, by altering the cartilage and tissues of the septum, tip, dorsum as well as the nostrils. In case you have already attended a pre-operation consultation, chances are that you might have heard the term ‘open rhinoplasty’ and ‘closed rhinoplasty’. If you are wondering what do these terms mean, they are basically medical terms for the kind of method, that the surgeon is going to use, when performing rhinoplasty in London. Therefore, to understand both procedures better, we are going to explore their pros and cons below.

Open Rhinoplasty:

  • What Does an Open Rhinoplasty in London Involve?

For open rhinoplasty, your surgeon is going to make an incision at the base of the columella which is the soft fleshy bit in between your nostrils, before he goes ahead and lifts the skin back away from your nose. Once the surgeon has attained good visibility, of the structure of your nose, he is going to sculpt the cartilage and the tissue according to how you want your results to be.

  • What Are the Pros of an Open Rhinoplasty in London?
    • In open rhinoplasty, your surgeon gets better exposure to the structure of your nose, which helps in orchestrating the surgery down to the millimetre.
    • Nowadays more and more surgeons, are practising open rhinoplasty makes It easier to find a good surgeon near you.
    • Open rhinoplasty in London helps your surgeon in being able to better stabilise your nose after the surgery.
    • What are the Cons of an Open Rhinoplasty in London?
    • Open rhinoplasty, is a relatively lengthier procedure, as it involves the lifting of skin away from your nose
    • Due to this process, an open rhinoplasty in London is generally associated with a slightly longer recovery period
    • Small incisions can be visible on the outer rim of your nose, but only when you tilt your head a bit.

  • What Kind of Nose Surgery is an Open Rhinoplasty in London Suitable for?

Open rhinoplasty is suitable for any kind of nose surgery – be it getting work done on your septum, your dorm, the nose-tip or even the nostrils or be it the removal of any lumps or bumps. If you are getting a surgery done to change the size and shape of the tip of your nose – then your surgeon is most likely to recommend an open rhinoplasty, so that he can gain better visibility of the cartilage that is lying underneath. Open Rhinoplasty in London is also quite an effective method when performing a reconstructive surgery or any other revisions.

Closed Rhinoplasty:

  • What Does Closed Rhinoplasty in London Involve?

During a closed rhinoplasty, the surgeon makes small incisions along the inside rim of your nostril. Your surgery is then carried out through your nostrils, without having to venture near, the outside skin or the tissue. Closed rhinoplasty in London, was the first method of nose surgery that was practised and is in fact still widely in use by expert surgeons around the world.

  • What are the Pros of Closed Rhinoplasty in London?


  • Since closed rhinoplasty, does not end up touching the outside of your nose, you will have no visible scarring, and also less swelling when it comes to the tip.
  • Your nose is going to take lesser time to heal, hence the recovery is going to be much quicker.
  • Closed rhinoplasty it Is generally a lot cheaper, however, the surgeon’s costs do end up varying.

  • What are the Cons of Closed Rhinoplasty in London?


  • Your surgeon has little visibility when performing the operation
  • Closed rhinoplasty is less precise, however, if your surgeon is skilled enough, he can still achieve your results.
  • Many surgeons now prefer to perform Open rhinoplasty, so there is a chance you might not get the choice.

  • What Kind of Nose Surgery is a Closed Rhinoplasty in London Suitable for?

Closed rhinoplasty is suitable for any type of nose surgery, depending mostly on the surgeon’s skill. If it is your first operation, and then closed rhinoplasty in London is the most likely to be recommended. Closed rhinoplasty is actually an effective method for patients who are opting for the simple surgery to thin the nose out or remove any lumps or bumps, as opposed to getting any work done on the tip.

  • Which Rhinoplasty is Best for You?


Both Open and Closed rhinoplasty in London, are equally effective. The type of surgery you opt for is dependent on your surgeon’s expertise and also the kind of method he is comfortable with. It also largely depends on the kind of results that you want to achieve. Although you might have a preference whether you want an open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty, your surgeon will decide finally which method is the best for you, while discussing during the consultation.

So much like any other cosmetic procedure such as hair transplant in London, it is best that you go with your surgeon’s opinion when it comes to choosing which rhinoplasty to go for.

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