Does Mold Grow on Vinyl Flooring?

While choosing to floor for your rooms, one of the top priorities is to maintain the hygiene of the house. Not all floorings are moisture or water-resistant. Flooring company Raleigh is known for its excellent service towards informing their customers about which flooring to choose and which not to. You can also consult the web if you need any suggestions there. From all such sources, you would reach the same conclusion that vinyl floorings are very much moisture resistant. But then why the question? If you have suffered any such problem or anything about it, then maybe we could help you out.

Can mold grow on vinyl floors?

Technically speaking vinyl floors are moisture resistant. However, it is possible for such floors two form mold and mildew on them as well. Standing water on the edges of the floor, or under it for long periods can cause the growth of such fungus.

How to keep the floor clean?

Vinyl floors are quite easy to maintain. They are comparatively cheaper than many other kinds of floorings too. Vinyl flooring Raleigh has many options in this kind of flooring that you can try. Good luck with not getting confused there!

But, nothing ever comes without a set of drawbacks. Amongst the bunch of drawbacks that vinyl floorings have, one is the growth of mold underneath its top layer of flooring. Yes, they are moisture-resistant, but the growth of mold can be found due to standing water being present on the edges of the flooring for long periods. So then what is the way out of it?

Once you come across the mold you can clean it up with a mixture of bleaching powder and water. But it is better if the situation does not arise at all right?! Well, for that too we have a bunch of solutions at hand. Vinyl floors often come with built-in medicines which will prevent the growth of molds automatically. You can also choose a different tile in case the subfloor seems too damp.

The next time you see mold under your vinyl flooring, do not freak out. It is a rather common phenomenon. But of course is never a desirable one.

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