Heat Pump Types

The heat pump is a device for thermal extraction from one medium to the other to heat up quickly. It works similar to an air conditioner, but instead of cooling, the heat pump heats up. The dynamics of the device consist of taking heat from a colder region and directing it to a warmer one.

Regardless of the brand from https://www.wolfersheating.com/heat-pumps-lake-oswego-or/, the heat pumps are varied in terms of their scope, type, and efficiency. Depending on where you install them, the benefit may be more significant or less depending on the facilities and demands. It all depends on the environmental and energy point of view. There are three types of pumps to be analyzed:

Geothermal Heat Pump

Geothermal heat pumps are equipped with coils connected directly to the ground by grounding. The tubes are coupled to the equipment and the home so that their coupling becomes more efficient and discreet.

In general, they are usually the most effective form of air conditioning available. That’s because geothermal heat pumps consume three to six times less electrical energy than devices built with resistance. Thus, they become one of the best options in the production of hot water using electricity.

However, given its functionality, it is usually a costly device. For those who live in ordinary residences, the cost-benefit will not be so clear. When it comes to energy and environmental conditions, the geothermal heat pump is best targeted at large buildings.

Air-Water Heat Pump

At first glance, the air-to-water heat pump is indistinguishable from a state-of-the-art air conditioner. Proving to be the most flexible of the three options, it can provide both cold and heat. Besides, specific models come with a variation that has a module to produce hot water.

These pumps are seen as standard and, as above, have different capacities. They can adequately support the central air conditioning system. Also, they can be efficiently designed and dimensioned to acclimatize specific sections of a building. Basically, in addition to being very functional, they can work tailor-made, according to your need.

Heat Pump For Water Heating

Finally, https://www.wolfersheating.com/heating/heat-pumps/ have the pump without the purpose of air conditioning, developed especially for water heating. Given its functionality and efficient heating, the equipment is a strong competitor of gas heating. Based on recent accidents in Brazil and the world involving the latter, it can be a safe alternative to heat water. The cool thing about this type of pump is that it can connect with solar photovoltaic systems, making your functions even more dynamic.

The efficiency of the heat pump for water heating is very high while reducing costs. Also, it does not use gas, being more economical, and does not harm the environment.

The equipment is available in two versions: the version for heating swimming pools and the version for generating hot water in large volumes.

Whatever the demand or application, heat pumps are ideal for generating hot water at a meager cost, without harming the environment.

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