How do you optimise your videos for SEO?

Video optimisation is a very important part of digital marketing. Using video optimisation, you will be able to get your videos indexed so that you can rank higher on the search engine results pages. There are different optimisation strategies by which you can give your videos a better chance of ranking well on search engines. So, here we are going to discuss some of the most popular ways to optimise your videos for search engine results:

Choose an appropriate video hosting platform: You need to be very careful while determining your video hosting platform. You will also have to understand whether you want to optimise your videos to generate new leads or to gain more traffic towards your website. By understanding your goals, you will be able to have a clear idea regarding which video hosting domain platform you should go for. You should always try to post your videos on popular platforms like Vimeo and YouTube to gain more popularity. You can also check your seo rankings with zutrix to see how well your videos are performing.

Create interesting thumbnail images: Your thumbnail is what the viewers will see when your video is indexed. That is why you must pay attention to the thumbnail image of your video. The thumbnail image should reflect what your video is all about. It should be both relevant and compelling. Only then will your click-through rate increase. You can hire a graphic designer to design the thumbnail images for your videos. You can also take the help of various tools in designing exciting thumbnail video images for the viewers.

Give a proper title and description: Every video should come with an extraordinary title. The title should be both interesting and compelling. The video should also come with a video description. The video description is also quite important for a person to decide whether or not he is going to view your video. You can also include effective keywords in the description itself. The description should also be something really short and catchy. You can also visit to know more about how to increase the popularity of your videos through backlinks.

Do proper keyword research for your videos: You might already be doing keyword research for the overall performance of your website but also keep in mind that you require proper keywords for your videos as well. These keywords can be integrated into the title of your videos. You must also include of few keywords in the description. Google algorithm with rank your videos based on the keywords that are present on your website and in the title and description of the videos.

Research the competition: You should also do in-depth competitive research to identify who is ranking well on both Google and YouTube. Watch the videos of the competitors to understand their titles, tags and descriptions. Visit the channels at regular intervals and also take notes of what you have learnt so far. This will allow you to identify better SEO trends and you will also figure out how you can compete effectively in your niche.

Include transcriptions for your videos: Including a transcription for your videos will make sure that there is some text that Google can understand. This makes the page where your video is a lot stronger in terms of SEO. SEO transcription will also give you different opportunities to consume your content. Your videos will also become more accessible to people. That is why you should have a transcription for each of your videos.

Some thoughts to end with:

These are some of the ways by means of which you will be able to optimise your videos for SEO. You can also visit these resources for site owners to know more about how you can create a successful SEO strategy through the videos that you post on your website.

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