Tips to Stay Above Local SEO and Local Searches

Local SEO is crucial to small, regional businesses to stay on top of specific local searches. Local SEO is for promoting your native brand to nearby customers. Local SEO optimization means acquiring more site traffic, leads as well as conversion. The strategy is focused on targeting the local prospects.

It is a way to compete effectively against large national brands with unlimited resources. Bigger brands optimize regularly for broad keywords and depend on brand awareness rather than value propositions for attracting traffic. According to a study, more than 35% of search traffic is from the locals, so if you overlook local SEO you are bound to miss considerable traffic.

Tips to stay above local SEO and local searches

Google listing optimization

Create a business profile on Google My Business because it is an efficient way to gain a high ranking on Google Maps and wide exposure in Google local searches. To list business on GMB successfully, make sure to verify business ownership. Offer updated and accurate business details including brand name, address, and phone.

Even include features like your company logo, acceptable payment methods, operational hours, products or services offered, and several images. Request customers to leave a review and sincerely respond to their reviews. Using the GMB dashboard you can publish special offers, new product launches, and other associated events.

Voice search optimization

In local SEO, optimize how people speak on devices or ask questions besides how they type for searches. Voice search is rapidly evolving and you will find customers using lengthy keywords. Therefore adjust your content SEO to fit the conversational tone. Consider the user’s intent and plan information in a way that it is available readily.

Mobile optimization

A mobile shift is escalating faster than expected. The visits from PCs have dropped significantly. According to a study, 75% of mobile searches are made with local intent that produces offline visits within a day. To gain a competitive edge in local SEO it is essential to optimize your business website for Smartphone screens.

List on online business directories

Get your local business NAP details in popular directories like Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages, and many more. It will help your business gain more exposure and visibility, which will enhance your local SEO efforts. You can even expect organic backlinks, which helps to improve your ranking, especially the ones from high domain directories like Bleen. It is a free online directory that helps traders and potential customers in Australia.

Use location pages

Location pages are essential for business with several branches across the area. Ensure to create exclusive content for every page. The pages will offer information like NAP, reviews, customized details, parking availability, promotions, and Google map on every location page.

About us for a single location

Create an about us page for a single location but ensure to focus on providing relevant detail. For example, if you own a cleaning business then it is perfect to mention that your business even offers a customized spring cleaning package to local residences on your ‘About us’ page.

Choose to create content associated with local news or events to grab attention from the native customers. BusyFox is a great online business news platform. It publishes articles, events, and press releases for Australian businesses.

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