How to complain about a Restaurant


If you are looking for a place where you can dine with your family and friends, then there could be no better place than a restaurant. But sometimes that could be not such a positive experience.

Let’s say the night that was meant to be joyfully turned out to be a disturbing event due to the misbehavior of the staff that was serving in the restaurant or the quality of food that you were expecting from such a place was actually below the belt, but the cost was still sky-high. And in the worst case, the food that had being served to you got you in some serious health condition due to the poor quality of food being served.

In any of the above cases, you should file complaint against that restaurant so they should know that you had a really bad experience and that they should rectify on their mistakes for the future.

How to write your Complaints

The night when you come back from the restaurant after your bad experience sleep on it, but once you wake up and the feeling is the same, then for sure you should file a complaint.

Never get off the track while writing a complaint neither use any abusive words that would make you sound unprofessional leading to your complaint not taken seriously.

If you have any proof in any form when it comes to a restaurant as you have been physically presented their so you could take some pictures of the place or the food would be of great help. To take your complaint to the next level.

Never forget to put in your contact details so they can get back to you regarding your complaint. Make sure to cover all aspects when you file a complaint, which is really important for it to be considered a valid complaint

As far as sending the complaint is concerned yes it needs to be sent to the right department rather than just sending it to the reservation department or any other known related field.

And never forget to post your complaint on our site for it to be taken a step further for a positive outcome.

Result of your Complaint

Once you file a Complaint there could be many outcomes but mostly positive, that staff members could be changed or taken under the radar from whom services you had an unpleasant night at their restaurant. You could even be given a full refund of the meal that you had that night or given compensation in the form of some sort of discount tokens that you could use in the future.

No matter what the complaint is about and is more than likely that the restaurant will get back to you with an apology to make their services better for the future.

Where to Complain?

It is your responsibility to share your experience with others on various platforms either its good or bad so it will also other people to make a wise decision before choosing a place to dine. The best place to file a complaint at where your complaint will be taken seriously and will be given the full attention it deserves.

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