Solar Powered Pathway Lights & Bollards- The Future of Rural & Urban Lighting

With the entire world moving towards harnessing renewable sources of energy, solar energy has proved out to be the most reliable one. It has been rapidly advancing and transforming the pattern of energy utilisation of several developed as well as developing countries. The use of this form of energy has not only made people use the energy form judicially but also ensured that the cost-effectiveness.

Unlike the early years, when the cost of installation and then maintenance used to be costly, the technological advancement has brought down the price considerably. Commercial and residential buildings, parking lots, several businesses have bestowed their faith on this renewable source of energy. The increased dependency has ensured that solar power is used in places wherever possible.

What’s Going to be in 2020 and Beyond…

For the developers, this has stood as a million-dollar question. The purpose has been to develop the solar form of energy rapidly. Success has been achieved in this segment as well. The use of the solar-power pathway lights has helped the government to save millions of dollars every year. In addition to this, it has also assisted the authority in the electrification of the remote rural villages where installation of the entire set-up for non-renewable energy mode stands costly and challenging.

“The year 2020 and beyond would be challenging for Australia”, say experts. As of now, for the continent country, solar energy accounts for approximately 5.2% of the total electrification energy. The drastic increase in the potential of harnessing solar energy has made the country a strong contender of solar energy. Therefore, according to the experts concerned with solar-power pathway lights, development of solar energy can be the best option.

What is there in Rural & Urban Lighting?

Lighting needs to be proper. The pathway lighting ensures that there are no accidents. Unlike the non-renewable electrical sources, harnessing sun’s energy has stood out to be cost-effective and eco-friendly. It has marked as a clean way of rural development.

In addition to this, solar energy has proved vital for rural and urban landscaping as well. The installation of the solar-power pathway lights and solar bollards has ensured that the areas be developed well with the right kind of landscaping.

What Do People Say?

According to the people’s opinion (both rural and urban), the use of solar lights has helped to save big on taxes and utility bills. The concerned authority has been able to develop entertainment parks and areas with the use of solar bollards and pathway lights. For the people, they have now been able to design parks and lawns as per their preferred design.

What Comes Challenging?

The challenging part of these bollards and pathway lights stands at maintaining them. However, unlike those early days, the companies as of now have successfully developed technology that would ensure the application of the least effort in securing them.


Undoubtedly, the use of the solar-powered lights as pathway lights and in bollards has proved essential for both the people and government. It has not only helped to save big on taxes but also marked a step towards zero carbon footprint.

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