How To Keep House Furniture Always Clean

Home furniture is part of any home and a house is not empty because it is the most important part of home furnishing, and it is the one that shows taste and beauty for any home and there are many types and shapes of it. Prices vary from place to place and in terms of manufacturing materials, shapes and raw materials.

Often, everyone who accepts home furnishings chooses the best forms and types of furniture, no matter how much they cost, because they are only purchased once in life and are not renewed unless something distorted their shape or a piece of them was broken or for renewal to the fewest for those who want it but most families buy the finest types of home furniture To stay with them for a very long time.

Home Furniture

So everyone seeks to maintain his home furniture in various ways in order to last as long as possible and to avoid changing it. There are many ways to maintain home furniture, we will mention it to you as follows:

Methods of maintaining home furniture

Preserving furniture does not prevent its use and does not harm furniture, but in certain ways we can preserve it, and at the same time we use it however we like. Among the most important of these useful methods for preserving home furniture are the following:

1) Water is one of the most harmful things to wood if we do not dry it on the furniture. When using water for cleaning we should immediately dry the water and do not leave it wet because the damage on the furniture leaves a trace and the wood colors go.

2) Many of us deal harshly with furniture by placing cups of water and hot and cold drinks on the furniture directly without insulation and that damages the furniture a lot. Therefore, a wooden or plastic piece or even a piece of cloth should be placed under the cups to preserve the household furniture and extend its life.

3) Any stains should be removed from food or beverages that are spilled or fall on the furniture immediately, and whether it is lined with fabric, leather or even wood, once the stains on the furniture are difficult to remove, it is difficult to remove them and require professional means and methods and a furniture cleaning company to clean these dry stains And to return it to its original position.

4) Careful use of household furniture cleaning materials should be kept away from non-approved cleaning materials that are abundant in chemicals and which are harmful to fabrics, fabrics and wood. Suitable cleaning materials must be selected to clean furniture, and also to ensure that they are not harmful or harmful, it is preferable to use them on a part far from the eyes such as the legs of the sofa or Tables and seeing if damage has occurred to this place or not. After reassurance that there are no damages or changes in the fabric or the color of the wood, we use it on the rest of the home furniture.

Home Furniture

5) Avoid placing furniture in places where there is direct sunlight because it over time affects the color of wood and fabrics, preferably if furniture is placed in places where the sun enters or near windows, curtains are placed to block sunlight from shedding on household furniture.

6) Take care to use sharp cleaning tools that may harm fabrics and wood.

7) Be sure to constantly clean and polish furniture and wood so that it remains elegant, attractive, and shiny in shape and lives as long as possible.

8) When cleaning under the furniture, the furniture should be moved with caution in order not to cause any piece of furniture to be broken or cut.

9) Furniture parts should be kept away from the heater and air conditioning, as they damage furniture a lot like sunlight.

10) The distance from burning cigarettes, candles or matches, near home furniture, so perhaps sparks from these things will fly and lead to serious damage to furniture.

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