How To Plan An Unforgettable Birthday At A Gentlemen’s Club

People think of strip clubs or gentlemens clubs when they are about to get married or they are best buddys with the guy who is getting married. However, there are different kinds of fun events you can host at a gentlemens club other than bucks parties like birthdays. Think about it- your birthday only comes once a year, it’s the one day in every person’s life that deserves to be celebrated. People may forget a lot of dates but a birthday is definitely not one that is easy to forget not for the birthday boy or anyone who is close to the birthday boy.  There are milestone birthdays that a lot of people celebrate. Like Sweet sixteen, 18th birthday, 21st birthday, 30th, 40th and even 50thbirthdays. If you are big on birthdays or you have a friend who is big on celebrating birthdays then, you might realize that a lot of the parties people have are set around played out birthday celebrations.

Looking for an out-the-box idea? A gentlemens club can just be the perfect place for you. Contrary to what most people have heard, gentlemens clubs and strip clubs aren’t just for would-be-groom’s last night as one of the single boys.  If you decide on a mens club as a venue for your birthday bash, there are a couple of things you should know:

#1. Find a Location

Gentlemen’s clubs have a certain reputation of being slightly different to strip clubs. They have a cleaner image. They are thought of as classy establishments where overworked business men and married men go. That is a stereotype that has latched on. One common stereotype is that gentlemen’s clubs are seedy. Location is important. The closer they are to the Central business district, the more prestigious they are regarded to be.

Most clubs offer packages that might just suit someone who is looking for the right balance of raucous entertainment and subdued gentlemanliness. This way, you can satisfy the different personalities of people coming to this party.

#2. Draw up a Guest List

When drawing up a guest list for people to be invited, again, consider their personalities. Don’t force your conservative Church going friends to go to a gentlemens club for a birthday celebration. You want to make sure that that everyone enjoys themselves. Make sure the invitees are up for some nudity and provocative moves.

#3. Book early

When choosing a venue for your party, make sure they can accommodate the number of people you plan to invite. Booking early will ensure that the club’s hostess has time to set up the venue especially for your party.  You also won’t have any problems at the door and will be treated as VIPs – champagne and all.

#4. Check the Entertainment

Gentlemens clubs offer more than what strip clubs do. It’s not just about naked ladies but it is also about the experience. You could have a poker night or you can take your club onto a boat by booking those floating strip club parties on the Yarra.

#5. Check the food and drinks situation

Make sure the food and drinks are covered. You can pay for drinks upfront ad keep a tab running. When the threshold is reached the bar can then switch to being a cash bar where everyone pays for their own drinks.

Learn the rules. They are there to protect you and to protect the staff at the club and the performers, especially the health guidelines. Make sure everyone in your group knows these rules too and you are guaranteed to have the best birthday party ever.

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