Few Signs to Look for Before Replacing Your Hardwood Floors

When your floorboards become quite old then often people are not very sure whether they should refurbish them or replace them totally. Replacing the present hardwood floor can be quite an expensive project that most homeowners would like to avoid.

Although these days it is possible to restore your present flooring by sanding and polishing the floors, however, at times the condition gets too bad. Hence, replacing them is the only option left. You can get plenty of flooring removal services near me and FlooringDomain can also help you to provide the necessary contractor for such jobs.

However, you need to identify a few warning signs, which will tell you whether you must install a new timber flooring or not.

So in this article, we shall discuss those signs.

1.    Springy/spongy floorboards

However, the good quality of wooden floor you may have but after long usage, it may turn springy or spongy while you walk over them. When you notice such a thing then you must make your decision.

2.    Water damage

Normally, timber flooring can be quite resilient and hard wearing, but water damage may cause serious damage with swelling, buckling, peeling, warping, and cupping. When such serious damage is noticed, then the only solution will be replacement.

3.    Structural problems

Often there can be serious underlying structural problems at home that need fixing. Even in your beautiful old floorboards, due to structural issues, you will be forced to replace the wooden floors.

4.    Worn out wood

You cannot continue to sand the wooden floors forever. Finally at some point, it will come to a stage when you have to replace them.

5.    Excessive movement

If you find that the floorboard is moving out while many people are walking on it and it is not able to withstand the pressure then you must replace them.

6.    Condition and age

If the wooden floor is too old and in a very deplorable condition then it is time to decide on their replacement. It can also become unsafe in such cases.

If you have already made the decision to replace your existing wooden floor then you  must consider the following:

1.    Budget

While going ahead with the decision to replace the flooring, you must understand that the expenses will be considerably higher than refurbishing. You need to discuss with a few contractors for timber flooring installation and get the feel about the extent of expense so that you can have a realistic budget for the project.

2.    Time and mess

If you decide to replace the wooden floor then it will not create as much mess that is usually generated while doing the refurbishing. Also, refurbishing may take a bit longer time too. On the other hand, replacement of wooden floor will be much quick and also does not  generate too much mess.

3.    Fashion

While replacing your existing wooden floor, you must ensure that you select the flooring as per the latest fashion and style. Survey in the market and choose a flooring as per your budget.

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