Motorcycle Accidents In San Diego – Dangerous Places, Times And Causes

A motorcycle is one of the most famous vehicles in San Diego, as it allows us to feel the thrill of riding through rural areas, towns, and cities. Riding motorcycle requires attention and skill, as it does not have any protection like a car. Though the vehicle is extremely agile, can stop quickly and swerve, motorcycle riders have to be extra careful on the road while driving. Experienced 18-wheeler injury lawyers California know the possible consequences of being caught in the motorcycle accident in San Diego.

The main reason behind the extra safety is that the motorcyclists can suffer more serious injuries than car or truck drivers can. Since the vehicle does not have any shield, there are high chances of catastrophic injuries. Besides being a fun vehicle, the motorcycle is also a very dangerous vehicle and the death rate due to motorcycle accidents in San Diego is increasing per year. That is why seeking the help of motorcycle injury lawyers California is extremely important at the time of the accident.

Causes of Motorcycle Accident: 

The major causes of a motorcycle accident according to car wreck injury lawyers California are:

  1. Poor Weather: Bad weather is one of the primary causes of a motorcycle accident. Poor visibility, icy roadways can cause loss of control on the vehicle resulting in collisions and crash. Therefore, one should avoid riding during rain, snow, ice, or sleet.
  2. Negligence by motorists: Most of the motorcycle accidents are caused due to the negligence of motorists on the road. This includes the inability to see the motorcycle riders while changing roads or stopping unnecessarily at an intersection.
  3. Negligence by motorcycle riders: Motorists are not solely responsible for motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle riders are equally responsible. Reckless driving, driving without motorcycle lights can cause accidents too.
  4. Vehicular Fallacy: sometimes, the cause of motorcycle accidents can be vehicular fallacy too. It can be the failure of engine or disruption of steering 
  5. Alcohol: When motorists or motorcycle drives under the influence of alcohol, it impairs their judgment ability resulting in fatal accidents.

Dangerous Places To Ride In San Diego:

The most deadly accidents in San Diego happen at the intersection of Route 76 and Palomar Mountain Road. The reason behind these statistics is unclear, but since these places offer a breathtaking view, many motorcyclists visit here. This can be a major cause of accidents here. The other dangerous places where the majority of accidents occur in San Diego are:

  • Chihuahua Valley Road at Route 79 
  • Interstate 5 at Route 76 in Oceanside
  • Interstate 5 at Route 78 in Oceanside
  • Otay Lakes Road
  • Mongolia Avenue at Route 78
  • Alturas Road

These are some of the major locations in San Diego where accidents can occur, but accidents can happen anywhere when the rider is not fully aware while driving or riding.

Dangerous Times To Ride In San Diego:

  1. Most of the motorcycle accidents in San Diego occur on weekends that is on Saturday and Sunday, as a majority of riders ride their bikes on these days for recreational activities. 
  2. The most dangerous time to ride here is around 5 pm. This is because at this time most of the drivers ride home from work leading to flooding of highways and roads.
  3. The majority of accidents in San Diego occur in October.

Thousands of motorcyclists suffer severe wounds or lose their lives due to such accidents. Mostly the person responsible for the accident is the driver of another vehicle. Therefore it is extremely important to seek the guidance of a motorcycle accident lawyer to get maximum compensation. 

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