Now Is The Opportunity For You To Choose The Perfect HDB Door

It goes without saying that the front entrance is the best place to begin if you want to make a good first impression of your home. So how do you decide which door is best suited for your house? Well, the following are some of our favorite ideas for creating an attractive front entrance, ranging from discreet, minimalist door gates to eye-popping painted doors!

The Yellow Colour Resembles The Colour Gold

Do you like it when given attention? Paint your front door with a bright, eye-catching color that is sure to catch the attention of anyone that visits or passes by your house. Choose a color that complements the accents in your house to create a unified color design.

Split Side Door Can Be a Good Option As Well

Dutch doors are separated in half horizontally such that the bottom half remains closed while the upper half opens. The bottom half allows light and wind to enter while the top half maintains a level of privacy. Putting the finishing touches on your home with a Dutch door will have all of your neighbors talking.

Adding An Industrial Theme To Modern Houses

Having pets means there is a concern of them escaping through the bars of your door gates when you are unaware. This makes the installation of a wire mesh gate an excellent choice for you especially if your house has an industrial or modern design to it. Make a laser cut of your unit number and place it on the gate for an added touch of individualization.

Travel Back To The Past With Vintage Designs

Accordion or scissors door, which was popular in the 1970s and 1980s, to add a little vintage touch to your home. Accordion doors are fantastic since they save space while also providing a variety of unique design concepts and functions. With bespoke installation, they can fit into any doorway and provide you with a variety of designs to pick from. You will be able to design a beautiful room while knowing that you are getting the greatest doors money can buy, no matter what you have in mind.

Party With Champagne

Do you want a balcony to relax on in the evenings while drinking cocktails? Create one at the front door of your home, complete with floor decking and synthetic carpet grass to welcome guests.

Going For A Minimalist Design

Wood is a terrific way to achieve practically any design, whether you want a front door with a minimalist, clean style with few lines and little adornment or a more creative door with a sculptural handle or carved embellishments that allow your guests to have a glance of what is within while yet protecting your property from prying eyes.

Portraying Your Personality Through A Door

Do you have a shelf collection of anime figurines? Or do you simply have an obsession that is unhealthy? Custom laser-cut gates are available for customization to reflect your unique personality. There are also patterns that appear to be optical illusions if you like to enjoy messing with your neighbors’ perceptions.

Before you start any home projects, it is important to compare quotations and find a reputable HDB door supplier in Singapore. Talk to a good one and start your home improvement project today!


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