Things to Do To Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh During Quarantine

With the ongoing pandemic, restaurants, events, schools, and more are all closed. Meanwhile, medical professionals and health experts are strongly recommending that everyone should practice social distancing. 

Ultimately, that means you’ll be spending most of your time at your home for a week or two.

There are a number of ways you can make the best of this situation. You could read, work on a hobby, finish that home project, play games with your family, binge your favorite show, etc.  But with all of that time spent in your house, things may start feel and smell a little stale.  

Before you profound jump into your own rundown of exercises, it is anything but a poorly conceived notion to spruce up your home. Here are a couple of things you can do to keep your home smelling wonderful.

A Deep Clean 

Presently is the ideal opportunity to clean your whole home. While hand sanitizer, tissue, and disinfectant wipes are hard to find, paper towels and other cleaning materials should in any case be found on racks. Assemble the provisions you need and travel through your home room by room. 

If you have relatives or flat mates in the house, get them involved. Play music. Have a fabulous time with it. A decent, careful cleaning will go far in leaving your home smelling new.

Keep the Trash Covered and Empty 

Trash is one of the primary sources of foul scents in any given home. If you’re using a garbage can that doesn’t have a lid, it’s time to make a change. Covered garbage cans do a great job of containing smells. Still, you should make sure your garbage is emptied regularly. You don’t have to wait until it’s overflowing to take out the trash. Be proactive.

Scoop/Move/Cover the Litter box 

Pets can provide great company during the time. If you have cats, however, litter boxes can add undesirable fragrances to your home. Cat litter is designed to help contain this smell, but it can only do so much. You should be scooping your litter box daily and replacing it entirely once a week or so. 

If you still notice the smell, it might be a good idea to move it to a less prominent area. Cats are generally pretty good at finding it, wherever it is. A secured litter box can help as well, though some cats aren’t fans of them.

Improve Airflow 

Even if your house smells nice, it can still feel stale. This ultimately comes down to airflow or lack thereof. If it’s warm enough, crack a window or two. Having a window open on both sides really makes a difference with controlling airflow.  

Clean Your Air Ducts 

While your air ducts perform the important job of conveying heated or cooled air throughout your home, they can likewise add to residue and stuffiness when left unchecked. After some time, dirt and debris build up in your air duct systems. In the end, this build up can start to exit the vents, spreading excess particles all through your home.

To keep your home’s air clean and fresh, you’ll want to have your air ducts inspected and cleaned by an expert.  For air duct cleaning in Houston, Texas the surrounding communities, Contact Home plus restoration company today!

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