Psychology of a fighter: Do steroids help in martial arts?

The psychology of a fighter is what forms the personality of a champion or a loser.


It’s impossible not to be afraid of “getting hit on the head” if you have never gone through it. Exceptions are sporadic. Psychological preparation is part of the experience without which a fighter cannot feel comfortable in the ring. The more practice, the higher the psychological stability.

Positive statements

Mind control. The right thoughts can change our actions, affect the hormonal background. If before the fight you think something like: “I have such a strong opponent, can I win?”, “My knee has not recovered from the last fight and will definitely prevent me from winning”, “My wife is worried site. How not to get hurt so as not to let her down? ” or “Rather, it would all end. I will get my money and I will rest ”- the probability of defeat increases tenfold. You can win “in class”, but only if you are 2 heads ahead of your opponent in skills, and if he does not use the following statements:

  • “My opponent is just a weak living person. Just a bag of bones that will fall from my crown blow ”;
  • “I am a winner. Behind me are hundreds of victories in life. Now I am stronger than ever before ”;
  • “This is not a show. This is a battle to the death. Only one person will leave the ring. This person will be me ”;
  • “I’m not going to play, but to destroy the opponent.”

An athlete who hammered strong allegations into his head for two hours before the fight will be able to win back the opponent’s tremendous superiority in objective skills in the ring.


You can’t become a Spartan from life in comfortable conditions. We need hunger, which will constantly increase the craving for victory. It could be:

Intermittent fasting. Not only tempers character, but also improves health.

Sexual abstinence. Boxing and martial arts legends abstained for 2-3 months. The sensitivity of dopamine receptors decreases, due to which all feelings are aggravated. The athlete sublimates sexual energy in training and destroys the opponent in the ring.

Healthy but uncomfortable lifestyle. It is much more comfortable to sleep on a soft bed. More comfortable, but not more useful than sleeping on a hard mattress on the floor.

Sleep deprivation. Less effective, but also effective way. The bottom line is that 1-2 times in 10 days we “miss” one night. The athlete will need internal strength to resist the desire to quit and fall asleep. This training will help you in battle.

Special treatments

Which develop your masculinity. The psychology of a fighter is a constant expansion of the horizon. This is an attempt to answer the question “How far can I go?” As part of the answer to this question, the following rituals are effective:

Winter swimming. I don’t feel like diving into ice water in the same way as getting punches in the face. Over time, the willpower of the athlete, as well as his masculinity, increase significantly. From constantly overcoming your weaknesses. An athlete who regularly forces himself to plunge into icy water is much more courageous and collected than a similar fighter who does not use such practices.

Contrast douche or contrast shower. Not only develop willpower, but also improve the state of the cardiovascular system, cleanse the body of harmful substances accumulated in it.

Coal walking and other similar spiritual practices.

All of the above methods should be approached gradually, to study each without haste and only then put it into practice.

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