Pushups Exercises: Get Maximum Effect From Your Workouts

Hello, friends! Push-ups are one of the best exercises with your own weight, if not the best. We have been familiar with this exercise since childhood, and it moves with us through life. From a prone position, a person most often rises with his hands, namely by pushing his hands off the floor, but this is only what concerns everyday life.

On the whole, they do push-ups, do sports, and physical education for a reason, and in order to keep fit, keep the muscles in good shape, become stronger, more resilient, bigger and more beautiful. Sport can give a person a lot – a person only needs to get up from the couch and take what is appropriate for him. Unfortunately, not everyone is attracted to sports, but this does not negate the fact that most of the exercises that exist within the framework of various sports are performed in everyday life, and all of them are normal physical activity for us steroids shop. Nobody wants to burden themselves a lot, and for us, getting up from the sand on the beach, lying on our stomachs, and focused technical push-ups from the floor are completely different tasks, although they use the same muscles. Some of the movements that exist within the framework of sports are not often performed in everyday life, but some are performed many times daily. One of the movements that we very often perform is push-ups. Of course, we also often squat, which includes the muscles of the legs in active work, often tilt the body, which involves the muscles of the abdomen and back, and so on, but in this article, we will talk exclusively about push-ups from the floor.

Push-ups from the floor can simply be made an element of morning exercises, or you can include this exercise in your sports program, which will change you, change your body and worldview. As already mentioned more than once on this blog: sport changes not only physically, but also spiritually. And, even such a simple exercise as push-ups can change you, because in order to perform the necessary number of repetitions and approaches in push-ups, and indeed, this applies to any exercise, you will need self-control, discipline, confidence, willpower, determination and other qualities. Actually, playing sports, developing all these internal qualities, the character will gradually change, and self-confidence will increase.

Push-ups: what this exercise will give us, and what muscles are involved, options for push-ups

During push-ups from the floor, practically all the muscles of the body are involved. The muscles of the legs, muscles of the cortex, pectoral, and arm muscles work, but not all are involved in the same way. Some groups are involved more, others less, some work in statics, others in dynamics. We will analyze further what muscles work, and how exactly.

The muscles that are most used during push-ups from the floor:

  • Pectoral muscles
  • Triceps
  • Deltoid muscles (shoulders), namely the front bundles

Push-ups from the floor are quite a varied exercise, and depending on how you place your palms and where you unfold your elbows, the load on the muscles will depend. You can focus on any of the above groups, but you need to know how to do it. Hands can be placed wider or narrower, farther or closer, higher or lower.

Ordinary, classic push-ups from the floor evenly distribute the load between the three main muscle groups.

What are the classic pushups from the floor? This type of push-ups is performed from the emphasis lying down, when we put straight arms directly under the shoulders, and this is the initial position. Further, on inhalation follows lowering, almost to the floor, and raising on exhalation. In this type of push-ups, our feet and palms are in the same plane.

Most do not need to explain what the emphasis is lying, and how to push up in the classical style, because all this is taught at school. Teach, of course, does not matter, but still teach.

Push-ups: push-up options and load displacement

First of all, let’s look at the main principles that will help to understand in general how the load is distributed during push-ups from the floor.

Which muscles will work during this or that exercise depends on which joint works more, and it is on this principle that you need to select the correct setting of the palms for yourself. If the shoulder joint works more, then the pectoral muscles work well, and if the elbow is more involved in the work, then, naturally, triceps works more.

Another important point that you must know. The lower part of the movement involves the pectoral muscles, and the upper – triceps. In order for triceps to be included in the work, you need to fully extend your arms, which is not necessary if you want to focus on the pectoral muscles.

Now in more detail.

To load the triceps, you need to put your hands so that the movement, mainly, was in the elbow joint. This can be done by placing the palms shoulder-width apart or narrower, and the elbows should not be removed from the body, allowing them to move along the body during the entire approach. Naturally, the more palms stand, the more difficult it will be to triceps. As you train, you need to put your hands already and already. Also, if you put your hands in front of you (beyond the head), then triceps will also be loaded.

To load the pectoral muscles, it is necessary to spread the elbows to the sides, without leading them to the body. The wider the palms are, the simpler, and the narrower, the more difficult, respectively. If you need to use the middle of the chest to a greater extent, then you need to do push-ups with the most narrow settings of the palms, but do not forget that the triceps will steal a lot of load.

To pump up the top of the pectoral muscles, we just put our feet on a raised platform. It can be a chair, or any other item. The higher the legs, the greater the load will be shifted to the deltoid muscles, namely to the front of them.

To pump the lower part of the chest, you have to do everything the other way around – put on a raised hand. But, push-ups in this particular variant have to be done quite rarely, since most often athletes are happy with the lower chest.

That’s basically all the main types of push-ups.

They can be complicated in various ways:

  • Use rubber harness
  • Use extra weight (pancakes, weighting vest, etc.)
  • Pressing the partner on the shoulders, or the partner may lie on your back
  • Raise one leg high, or put a second on the ankle
  • Custom push ups

There are so many custom floor pushups that are all listed on the blog. The blog talks a lot about Street Workout, and in particular about push-ups.

For example, there are plyometric types of push-ups, which are essentially hopping, explosive. These include such types as push-ups from the floor with cotton, push-ups from the floor with a 360-degree turn, push-ups with cotton under the knee, push-ups with a complete separation from the floor. Conventional explosive push-ups with a separation from the floor are also plyometric.

There are also push-ups from the floor that the hands develop, and mainly they include push-ups on the outside of the hands, push-ups on the fists, push-ups on the fingers.


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