Single Lesbian Guide: The Best Dating Websites for Lesbians in The New Year

Lesbian dating applications and websites is a popular way in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuals, Transsexuals and Queer community, to meet dates, make friends, find the one they love or hook up. 

From options to state your sexual orientation and pronouns from the very first day to finding other invisible women in your town, these online dating websites or applications has revolutionized some of the struggles that the LGBTQ+ community has been experiencing over the years. 

To know more about the history of Internet dating, check out

It is every lesbian’s ultimate guide to dating websites. Why people with the same orientation use them and which application suit your needs will be tackled in this article. We will also take a closer look at tips and tricks on how to succeed once you registered with the platform.

Why you need to use these sites?

Search by location

If you are living in a small city or town, dating applications are more helpful when finding like-minded women in your area. Whether you are looking for someone to talk to or someone to discuss over the cast of the new L-Word episode, these types of dating applications have got your back.

Is she flirting with you or just being nice?

The struggle of being in the LGBTQ+ community and dating is real. If you are fed up with trying to find out who is flirting with you in the pub and who is just being friendly (girls usually get a lot of compliments when they are under the influence of alcohol), by using these applications or platforms which target LGBTQ+ women, you know who you are speaking to and what they are looking for before something awkward happens.

Most of these sites are statistically challenged

Depending on the researches that you read, LGBTQ+ women are between two to five percent of the entire population, so to begin with, the dating pool is much smaller. Using a lesbian dating apps can make finding these gems a lot easier. 

For people with introvert tendencies

Of meeting beautiful women (or anyone in general) make you feel awkward, gets your tongue-tied or nervous, matching with other women through a dating website is an excellent way to break the tension and have a good conversation before meeting with them face-to-face. 

It makes every first date a lot easier when you know something about your date. Now that you are convinced that these types of dating platforms are the answer to your problems, the next question you need to ask is which one suits you perfectly. There are a lot of websites for women from the LGBTQ+ community out there. Some of these sites or applications are perfectly tailored to lesbians, but more open-minded websites cater to everyone, no matter what your sexual preference is.


Available in 160 countries and 19 languages.

Free registration; buying boosts will allow users to use more than two filters and gets a rematch with other active users and add 24 hours before their match expires.

Two gender-option identities.

It can be used in Android, iOS or desktop.

More or less 10% of female users look for both men and women.

Bumble’s schtick is that active women users need to send the message first. Of course, if you are in a lesbian relationship, that will be both sides – that is the point. But for women who are looking for other women, they can message the other party first and they will have 24 hours to respond to that message. 

You can load up to six photos of yourself. Not only that, you can have a free chat box to add in your profile bio. Some filters can help you narrow down your search: from star signs, height to their family plans and pets. 

The application expanded to Bumble BFF, a platform that lets you find your “Best Friends Forever” and Bumble Biz, a platform for business. Bumble allows bisexual ladies to choose “seeking both” feature, but with two gender descriptors, it is transgender or Non-Binary inclusive.

Find Femmes

Available in the United States and the United Kingdom only.

Free registration; let users send one message to every active member. To read the reply to other members, you need to pay £7.50 to £13 or $9.81 to $17 per month.

When it comes to identities, the site does not ask their users, but you can contact the site administrator if you assumed the sexuality or gender is wrong.

It can be used on the website only.

More or less 10% of female users look for both men and women.

Find Femmes is a lesbian dating homepage that is tailored to women interested in finding or meeting other women. The site was founded by two women, Megan and Whitney, to address the struggle of femme invisibility. This site allows users to share their interests, upload photos or share different traits like family plans, smoker status, occupation, hair color or religion. 

Users can filter the search results depending on your preference. The website usually assumes the user’s sexuality and gender orientation, but you can also contact the administrator if you want to update your bio if it is inaccurate. This dating site also has a diary to share what you are thinking and feeling with other active members.


Mostly available in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Free registration; Rainbow Subscription if you want to use advanced filters and ad-free experience – costs £8.49 or $11.10 per month.

When it comes to identities, they allow seven sexualities and six genders

It can be used in Android and iOS.

The application has at least 60,000 active users.

The application is a relationship-oriented LGBTQ+ dating website. You can share at least three traits that you are looking for in a date and what turn you off. You can also increase your matching chances by answering relationship readiness questions or LGBTQ+ questionnaires. 

This platform caters gay women and LGBTQ+ cuties go beyond advertising local community events (usually in the United States) and matching for dates, they also cover news about the LGBTQ+ community and blog posts with useful and effective lesbian dating tricks and tips.

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