The Benefits of Using Clear Choice Urine

There are many people who need to pass various drug tests for work, school, or other high-stakes commitment. When it comes time to pass this test, it would be nice to have a reliable way to clear this hurdle toward the next step. One of the most common drug tests is a urine test. The urine test looks for the breakdown products of various substances in the urine. If these substances are present, and the test is positive, people could be denied employment or entry into school. Clear choice urine is a great way to pass this test. What are a few of the benefits of using clear choice?

Clear Choice Passes as Real Urine

One of the key benefits of using clear choice is that it passes as real urine. This is one of the biggest issues with using a urine substitute. If the substitute cannot pass as real urine, it is useless. Fortunately, clear choice both looks and smells like urine. Its pH is similar to that of real urine and its specific gravity approximates that of actual urine. Therefore, it can be used as replacement urine in any drug test.

Clear Choice Will Test Negative

Of course, those who use clear choice would like to know that it will test negative. There are numerous substances that can be tested for in urine. Just as few of these include:

  • Amphetamines
  • THC
  • Benzodiazepines

The presence of any of these will trigger a positive test and people might be denied employment or entry into school. If individuals have a prescription for these substances, then they might be allowed to get away with a positive test. Of course, this is a unique circumstance. Those who need to pass a drug test should have a reliable way to test negative. This is where clear choice comes in handy.

Clear Choice is Cost-Effective

Lastly, one of the biggest benefits of using clear choice is that it is cost-effective. There are plenty of urine substitutes on the market; however, many of these are costly and prohibitive to the average person. This is not the case with clear choice. Those who need to pass multiple drug tests will be able to use clear choice again and again without having to worry about the cost. The value of clear choice is superior to that of any alternative.

Passing a Urine Drug Test with Clear Choice Urine

Clear choice is one of the most reliable options on the market for passing a urine drug test. This urine looks like urine, smells like urine, and will test reliably negative. With this in mind, do not hesitate or delay. Rely on clear choice for that next high-stakes drug test.

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