Use 301 WordPress Redirect – Best Way to Retain Your Site Traffic


Most of the blogs online are created on the WordPress platform. Robust CMS and user-friendly admin dashboard features of this platform make it easy for anyone to get started with blogging. WordPress is used by businesses of all sizes, even by the enterprise level companies. People also use it for their personal blogging requirements. 

It is a straightforward platform, and most of the best web-hosting packages come with WordPress blogging feature. All you will need to do is install it on the server-end with the hosting control panel, and get it activated.

Over a period of time, many of the WordPress posts and pages become old and redundant. However, they will have a good SEO value, which is why bloggers are in the dilemma of weather to remove those posts, or not. Removing the page would also mean that the users will come across the 404 page not found error. That will also impact the user experience, and the visitors will simply leave your blog.

You would have put in a lot of efforts to improve the search rankings of those old pages. It can be really disappointing to simply close down the pages, and lose out on all the valuable SEO equity of those pages.

If you are able to transfer the SEO value of those pages to new destination pages, you can easily increase about 10% to 15% of the overall traffic, which would otherwise be lost forever.

Best solution for your WordPress blog management:

The best solution to this problem is the 301 WordPress redirect protocol. By using this redirect code, you can forward both, the visitors, and the search engine crawlers, to the new destination page. More importantly, about 85% of the SEO value of the old page will also get transferred to the new page.

Google is very particular about search relevancy, which is why online marketers extensively use the 301 redirect option on old and redundant pages, which do not offer any value to the visitors coming from search engines.

You don’t need to have any great technical knowledge to do the task of redirecting pages or posts. You can use the WP 301 redirect plugin for all your redirect needs. It also gives you the option of using the temporary 302 redirect as well.

For example, if you want to downsize the images on the page, then you can use the temporary 302 redirect. You can use any of the free image resize tool online for optimizing the images on the page. Once the task is done, you can lift the temporary redirect, and allow the visitors to access the old page again.

WordPress redirect plugin is beneficial in many ways:

  • You can instantly get a boost of meaningful traffic to your new and updated pages.
  • You get complete control over your redirects.
  • It also helps you in monitoring the redirects, so that you will know what exactly is happening on your blog pages. 
  • It allows for easy change of URLs in a safe way, so that the incoming traffic to your website does not get impacted negatively.

Just make sure that you to maintain proper relevancy while doing the redirects, in order to ensure good results, and to avoid any unwanted page ranking losses. 

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