Which mattress model to choose for best good night sleep?

One of the main factors influencing the choice of the best Mattress in India is the material with which it is made. Knowing the types of springs, foams, and the technology behind making the material will help the decision making process.

Know the main types of springs

Individually Bagged Springs – The main feature of this type of spring is the independence of the springs. The benefit is ensuring that movement made at one point on the mattress is not felt at another. It is the most sought after boy on the market today.

Individually Bagged Springs PHP – These springs have all the benefits of bagged springs. But here the springs provide more firmness, and strength due to the greater thickness of the wires.

LFK – exclusive design that provides independent effect, providing better pressure distribution, thus ensuring greater firmness.

Super-elastic – A continuous wire spring that becomes firmer as it is compressed. Thus, it gives more firmness than other traditional kids.

Vertical-coil – This type of spring adapts to the contours of each person’s body. It is highly resilient, and reacts quickly to body movement, offering maximum comfort.

Now, it is the time to know the main types of memory foam mattress in India and technologies.

High Resilience (HR) – High resilience foam quickly returns to its initial state after being pressed.

Hyper Soft (HS) – Produced for use in the first layers of the mattress. Due to its softness, it gives a high degree of comfort.

Viscoelastic – Fits perfectly into the body, reducing pressure points. That way you move less at night, and so you get a better quality sleep.

Latex- Hypoallergenic natural foam of great durability. Its main features are, it does not deform and provides thermal comfort.

Ergo-comfort System – Three-dimensional cut foam that provides adequate support, respecting the curvature of the body. The cutting technology ensures comfort in any lying position, as well as improving air circulation in the mattress when moving, ensuring thermal comfort and keeping the body temperature stable.

Gel Sense Technology – All the benefits of viscoelastic foam with gel comfort. This material provides greater freshness, thus a better quality of sleep.

If you want to buy the best mattress online in India, you must understand that currently the mattress market has a number of norms and standards to be met. These norms and standards are constantly tested and certified by competent bodies, guaranteeing consumers with superior quality products.

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