Why Buy Lab Grown Engagement Rings?

Engagement rings are rings that are treasured for a lifetime. The receiver wears it throughout his/her life and cherishes it. It might be a simple wedding ring, but the value it carries is what makes it so special. This ring tells the world that the person is engaged and taken. Marriage changes a person’s life and allows them to start afresh life with someone they love, someone who was just made for them. This special occasion calls for a special ring, something that will perfectly fit your partner and what can be better than lab grown engagement rings.

Reasons for buying lab grown engagement rings

Diamonds have always been the best choice for partners, but as people get more aware of its effects on miners and mother Earth, they are switching to something that has the same looks and does the same work but without having any negative effect. This makes lab grown engagement ring a beautiful alternative for couples. They are made with the utmost care in laboratories and are tested before it is released in the market for human use. Apart from the humanitarian ground, there are several other reasons for choosing it, some of them are discussed below:

  • Less expensive

Lab grown engagement rings are less costly than getting a real diamond. Marriage especially social marriage is a costly affair, with all the decorations, food, dresses, gifts, it takes a heavy toll on the pocket. Many couples have a lot of post-marriage plans and to make any plan successful, one needs to have some amount of money with them so that these beautiful plans can be well executed. This makes lab grown engagement rings the perfect choice, why spend more on something with negative effects while you can spend less on something exactly similar and at a reasonable price?

  • Ethical values

Apart from being cheap, lab grown engagement rings also maintain some ethical values that traditional diamonds don’t. Traditional diamonds have a reputation for being notorious. During the time of the African war, it is said that traditional diamonds were used to fund the war. Not only the African war but many other rebellions and wars we’re funded by these diamonds. Not only has it funded war which brought chaos and destruction but is also known to affect mother Earth. Miners need to mine deep down the earth to get these diamonds which are then used to make jewelry.

This poses a threat to both the miners as well as the Earth. Miners have to work to earn their daily bread and butter but the businessmen exploit them fully, they are neglected as the working conditions under which they are expected to work are poor, wages are not paid at times and even if it is paid, it is inadequate, businessmen also use children to do the mining.  Whereas lab grown diamonds are made in laboratories and don’t have such negative effects, this makes it much more ethical than diamonds.

  • Environment friendly

It is a well-known fact that diamonds are a threat to the environment. No equipment can say the exact position if a diamond, which means that miners are supposed to dig up the earth in search of a small diamond. This means that the mining ground which causes an ecological imbalance is manmade and is done in search of a one-carat diamond. On the other hand, lab grown engagement rings are made in a controlled manner with absolutely little or no ecological threat as such. This makes lab diamonds a much better and safer option.

  • Customizable

Engagement rings hold a special place in the receiver and the giver’s life. It is officially the very first gift that one gives to their spouse and the very first gift that the other receives. Therefore, the partner who is buying the ring always tries to get the perfect piece for their love. To get the perfect ring, it is advised to buy rings according to the personality of the wearer. If the wearer is traditional then go for traditional shapes like round, princess, cushion, or oval. If the partner is stylish and modern, it is always better to go for some trendy shapes like marquise, pear, emerald, heart, Asscher, or radiant shapes. Just like a diamond, lab grown engagement rings can be customized into any shapes and settings.

  • No skin allergies

Lab grown engagement rings have been in style and people are opting for it for its ethical values. People are well aware of the falling environmental conditions and are therefore in search of something that will help them save the environment and at the same time be trendy enough to be gifted as an engagement ring or to be used for proposals. Apart from being ethical and environmentally friendly, it also goes gentle on the skin. Many people develop metallic allergy due to the chemical contents of metals like gold, silver, bronze, copper, etc. Lab grown diamonds are specially made keeping all these factors in mind.

  • Similar to real diamonds

Diamond enthusiasts might argue that lab grown diamonds and real diamonds aren’t the same. They believe that while they are paying for lab grown engagement rings, then why not pay some extra money and get a real diamond, after all, it’s something that one is going to wear all throughout the life. Well, calling lab grown diamonds not real would be wrong.   Even lab grown diamonds are pure crystallized carbon in the isometric cubic system. They have the same chemical and physical properties. Pressure and temperature, under which mined diamonds are found, are replicated in a lab under a controlled environment.

  • Better than all other diamond alternatives

There are many other diamond alternatives available in the market but, lab grown engagement rings are the best among the available options in the market. Diamond alternatives like Cubic zirconia might have an amazing shine and are loved by many wearers but, they are not made with the similar chemical and physical properties of diamonds and this makes them cheaper than lab grown diamonds. Since lab grown engagement rings are made with the utmost care, it is better than all the available alternatives.

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