Steps for Placing A Correct Football Bet

When making a football bet, there are several crucial steps that you need to complete before betting. That is if you want to get the most out of it.

Determine a Maximum Budget for Yourself

Before you start betting, you must agree on the maximum amount that you want to spend. Stick to this and don’t deviate from it. Determining this amount prevents a major financial setback, and gamblers tend to bet more when gambling than before. The amount that you put together is called your bankroll in the excellent articles.  

Estimate Your Odds 

Before selecting a match for a bet, it is important to estimate the correct odds. We help you with that, by providing you with statistics, a community poll and responses. You can calculate a chance of winning on statistics, and it has nothing to do with football knowledge.

Ultimately, however, football knowledge will be offered in the final steps; but we’ll talk about that. When determining the chance of winning, you will look at what is statistically smart, and from that, you will conclude the percentage you give. All three options (1×2) will, of course, together with amount to 100%. Most betting sites like พนันฟุตบอล offer great betting options.

Calculate the Bookmaker’s Profit Margin

It is useful if you understand the logic behind the profit margin for a bookmaker. If you take the example above, in a 1×2 bet we have three odds: 1.15 for the home team, 3.6 for a draw, and 5.8 for the away team.

Divide one by those odds, and multiply that by 100. From that, you can calculate the percentages that together come to a total percentage. Everything above 100% is for the bookmaker. In this example, the bookmaker has a 3.33% margin per possible result (10/3 = 3.33). 

Unpredictable Factors and Injuries

Try to include unpredictable factors in your final bet. View the type of match (International / national league, cup / friendly). Especially in cup and friendlies, ‘obvious bets’ are often disappointed.

While low priority matches make for a bad bet. The greater priority, the more certain you can often be of your odds calculation. Also, injuries often have a major impact. Make sure you are aware of the injuries and the suspended playmakers.

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