5 Facts You Must Know Before Purchasing a Hemp Grinder

Are you tired of using scissors to cut your weed? If yes, it’s time to get over scissor chopping since you may have a pocket-size wooden hemp grinder at your disposal. The hemp grinder makes grinding your leaves much simpler and less time-consuming. Moreover, it is convenient to carry the grinder wherever you go due to its compact size. However, here are a few facts you should know before buying one.

1. How Do Hemp Grinders Work?

Hemp grinders provide an excellent smoking experience by grinding your leaf uniformly, which becomes easier to roll and burn. Also, you may not have to worry about running into a stem or seed that may otherwise ruin the experience.

The grinders have a base and a top with tiny jagged teeth inside that break the hemp when the top and the bottom are twisted together. You can also find variations in the same concept, and hence, it could be tricky to find the right one.

2. What Size Is a Hemp Grinder?

Size is another aspect you must consider when it is about herb grinders. You can find grinders at varying widths like 1.5, 2.2, 2.5, and 3 inches, which will be mentioned clearly on the labels. However, it would help if you minded that the width could make a lot of difference in holding the amount of hemp. For example, a grinder of 1.5-inch diameter has a lesser capacity than a 2.5. Such small-sized grinders are easy to slip into your pocket and have enough hemp for a quick smoke.

3. What Materials to Look for?

The most commonly used materials for hemp grinders are wood, acrylic, and metal.

Wood: Wood hemp grinders are challenging to make as it is made by carving wood. Hence, the aesthetics of a pocket-size wooden hemp grinder can be really appealing.

Acrylic: Acrylic can be a good choice for those who want to go for the most affordable option.

Metal: Two types of metals are used in metal hemp grinders which are titanium and aluminum. As such, there is a common misconception that aluminum grinders are unsafe. However, it can be said that the vaporizer of the grinder will not heat the material and can be entirely safe for use. Titanium grinders are also available, but they can be a more expensive choice.

4. What Are the Different Types of Grinders?

The types of grinders that are available in the market are two-piece, three-piece, and four-piece.

Two-piece grinders have one compartment, and the hemp is grounded and retrieved within the same compartment. These grinders are the most affordable ones. However, you need to be careful of the grinding teeth while retrieving the material.

Three-piece grinders have two compartments, and there are tiny holes in the first compartment, which allow the grounded materials to fall into the second compartment.

Four-piece grinders have three compartments. The first two compartments work in the same mechanism as three-piece grinders, and the third compartment collects the pollen or kief.

5. How to Clean the Grinder?

The grinder needs to be brushed after a few uses, while a small paintbrush or toothbrush will do fine to reach the areas between the teeth and clean the build-up. You must also be extra careful while using a wood grinder to prevent causing any dent, groove, or scratch on the surface. Also, remember not to use any chemical or soap on the wooden grinder as it is porous and can absorb the chemicals and infuse them onto the hemp the next time.

A good hemp grinder can make a lot of difference to your smoking experience. Hence, the above tips could be helpful for you to make the right purchase.

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