Choose The Best Stone Gravel For Your Driveway

Are you revamping your driveway? You’ll need to lay out new gravel, isn’t it? This means you need to look for the best stone gravel supplier in New Haven County, CT.

Moreover, you’d be surprised to know that aggregates’ market size will reach $602.9 billion by 2027. This is because the population of New Haven County, CT, has shot up to 864835, with families settling down there.  Furthermore, New Haven being a college district with Yale University there, the importance of having excellent driveways is burgeoning.

You might wonder what the best types of stone gravel are to choose for your Elm City home’s driveway. This article will enlighten you and make your decision easier.

Types of stone gravel to choose from

When revamping your driveway, it is vital to select suitable gravel. Your gravel will decide whether your driveway will stand for eternity or get washed away instantly.

Without further ado, here are some of the best stone gravels for your driveway:

Crusher Run

One of the cheapest gravel forms, also known as the Quarry Process, the crusher run is made from fine stone dust and crushed stone. This type of gravel creates a smooth surface that is semisolid.

However, note that this gravel will not drain well and needs professional skills to apply.

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is a more aesthetically pleasing type made of smooth, rounded, and small stones. It is perfect for the top layer and is comfortable to walk on. However, this type is more expensive than others and will move as you drive around.

As such, you get different colors, and you can match them to your house.

Jersey Shore Gravel

It is similar to pea gravel and requires stabilizing pavers or borders to prevent it from migrating. Essentially, these gravels are yellow-colored and often look like sand. They are primarily available in 3/4th inches or 3/8th inches in diameter.

These are aesthetically pleasing gravel that is of a unique color.

Marble Chips

Marble chips are white-colored, and they shine in the light. They are beautiful and give your driveway a fancy finish. Marble chips are elegant and can match your home beautifully. However, marble chips require borders or edging to prevent them from moving.

Crushed Stone #411

#57 rock is stone used for the base layer of the gravel for driveways. They are generally coarse and are ½ inches to 1 inch in diameter. When you mix #57 rocks with stone dust, the product is #411. This is the gravel used for retaining walls, roads, and driveways.

The stone dust in these settles and provides more stability to the driveway gravel. This type of gravel drains well and is relatively easy on the pocket.

Summing up

New Haven County, CT, is known for its lush greenery, and it is surrounded by history and an energized community. When you settle down with family and have a beautiful apartment amidst robust infrastructure, your driveway needs to represent that.

The best stone gravel supplier in New Haven County, CT, will suggest the type of stone gravel that will work for your home. You can choose from crushed stone, pea gravel, crusher run, marble chips, or jersey shore gravel. Each gravel has its features, so select the right one depending on who is applying it and the aesthetics of your garden community home.

Once you choose the driveway gravel, you can start creating it!

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