7 Fascinating Facts about Lake Toba Indonesia


Lake Toba is one of the principal attractions in North Sumatra Province. This lake is also well known for the pure beauty of the scene, which can be surrounded by several steep wall stones that are the caldera walls of Lake Toba.

According to research from specialist scientists, Lake Toba’s source was formed as a result of a massive volcanic eruption that was anticipated to have happened around. This leads to the formation of an enormous caldera filled with water, which is currently known from the magma that neglected to erupt as Lake Toba. The pressure induces the creation of an island at the center of the lake as the Samosir Island. According to scientists, the eruption caused almost half of the world’s species to vanished and die.

Toba Lake includes a length of 100 kilometers and a width of 30 km. That is why the lake has long been famous for countries. Its beauty additionally has attracted lots of tourists visiting with Lake Toba and Samosir Island. Furthermore, many other intriguing facts show that not many people know about the lake’s occurrence. Here are a few amazing facts about Lake Toba.

  1. Mount Toba has erupted three times. The first eruption occurred around 800.000 years ago. This eruption created this Mount Caldera’s southern aspect, covering the Porsea and Prapat regions of North Sumatra. The next eruption has less power, occurred 500,000 years ago. This eruption shaped the Caldera in the area one of Silalahi and Haranggaol, in the north. The last eruption happened 74,000 years back, which turned Mount Toba out together with Samosir Island in the center to the present Toba Lake and produced a caldera.
  2. The span reaches 87 km and width 27 km.
  3. It is recognized as the biggest volcanic lake or crater lake on earth. It also is the biggest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.
  4. The amount of water at Lake Toba is enough to inundate the United Kingdom up.
  5. Samosir Island, located in the middle of Lake Toba, includes an area of ​​647 square kilometers that is nearly the same as the Republic of Singapore.
  6. A Lake around the lake is what is on the island of Samosir since it includes two little lakes in the middle of Lake Toba.
  7.  It was created by one of the eruptions of Mount Toba, the sunken volcanoes throughout history, because the world was formed and also the biggest in the last two million years. The eruption of Mount Toba, which is roughly 74,000 years back, made the earth chilly because the volcanic dust covered the planet’s surface. The temperature on the planet decreased to 10 degrees Celsius, and volcanic ash reached Greenland at the north pole and Antarctica in the south pole.

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